How to Cook With Cheesecloth

Cheesecloth is a handy tool for all sorts of kitchen jobs. Get tips on how to cook with cheesecloth.

Cheesecloth. It’s such an interesting kitchen tool—a piece of fabric used for culinary applications.

Wondering how to cook with cheesecloth? The lightweight cotton cloth (no, it’s not actually cheese!) is super useful in the kitchen, whether you are making soup, looking for a smooth sauce, or countless other things.

Its sturdy construction stands up to hot and cold applications making your life in the kitchen all the easier. And, it’s flavorless so it won’t add any strange flavoring of your food.

If you want to cook with cheesecloth, the first step is to purchase some. Cheesecloth is available in large sheets and smaller bags, both of which can be useful, depending on your requirements. Cheesecloth may be purchased at some supermarkets, kitchen supply stores, and even some hardware stores. Be sure that the cheesecloth that you purchase is marked that it’s safe for culinary uses.

Here’s How to Cook With Cheesecloth:


Need to strain that sauce so that it’s perfectly smooth and the flavorful chunks are discarded? Cheesecloth can help, just strain whatever it is (from applesauce to gravy to stock) through it and you will separate the liquid from the solids. Easy peasy.

Creating an Herb Packet

A bouquet garni, traditionally made with parsley, thyme, and a bay leaf can be contained within a cheesecloth bag or packet and used to flavor soups, broths, and more.

Since the herbs are contained within the cheesecloth while cooking, you won’t be picking out any errant stems later on. You can use cheesecloth to bundle other herb combinations as well.

Make Yogurt Thicker

Like thick yogurt? Use a cheesecloth to strain your typical supermarket yogurt (not Greek style) through cheesecloth and there you have it.

What else? Cheesecloth also may be used in the making of cheese. Cheese curds secured inside will drain, leaving a solid block of cheese.

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