How to Erase All Your Sins This Ramadan 2022

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Ramadan Mubarak

The prophet ( S.A.W ) said [Whoever fasted the month of Ramadan out of sincere Faith (i.e. belief) and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his past sins will be forgiven, and whoever stood for the prayers in the night of Qadr out of sincere Faith and hoping for a reward from Allah, then all his previous sins will be forgiven] three things he said, any one of them will forgive all of your sins, all unconditional, no matter what sin you have done, if you repent properly in this month and you do what Allah [ S.W.T ] wants you to do and what the prophet [ S.A.W ] told us to do, all of your sins will be forgiven, what are these three things he said? Whoever fast the entire month of Ramadan.

believing in Allah and hoping for Allah’s reward those are the only two conditions that you are a believer in Allah, and you do the fast wanting the rewards from Allah, you are doing it expecting Allah to reward you, You’re not doing it because the society is doing it, you’re not doing it because your parents want you to do it, you’re not doing it because all of your friends are doing it, you’re not doing it because the culture of your country requires you to do it, You are doing it for the sake of Allah, you’re doing it purely to please Allah if you do it with this intention the prophet [ S.A.W ] said all your previous sins are forgiven.

the second thing he said, whoever stands up at night in Ramadan and Ramadan has a beautiful prayer That we call ” Taraweeh ” this prayer is a prayer That is the equivalent of the Tahajjud of the other nights, in Ramadan we call it Taraweeh it is the same prayer.

This prayer is a prayer That the prophet [ S.A.W ] did occasionally, and the sahaba also did and it is something that he did it in congregation occasionally and he did it at his home all the time, and so in our times it has become a congregational prayer that is encouraged to do, you’re encouraged to pray Taraweeh, it is not obligatory, but you are encouraged to do so, and if you do so every single night if you do so then that is one more opportunity to have all of your sins forgiven.

Third opportunity to have all of your sins forgiven is the opportunity Known as the night of power and what will make you understand what Lailatul Qadr is, it is one night of Ramadan that when you worship Allah [ S.W.T ] properly, when you are standing in prayer and reading Qur’an and doing Dhikr for this one night then all of your previous sins will be forgiven, this is Lailatul Qadr.

so the prophet [S.A.W] gave us three opportunities in this month to get all of your sins forgiven, one more blessing of Ramadan, Ramadan is the month that when you perfect your fasting in it you may enter Jannah by a special door, it is a special door set aside for those who fast.

The prophet [ S.A.W ] said in Jannah there is a special door called Ar-Rayyan and Ar-Rayyan means that which will give you lots of water so it is called that which will give water because the way to get to it is to deprive yourself of water, how so? The prophet [ S.A.W ] said it is set aside for you those who fast frequently, for those who perfect their fast and you cannot perfect your fast, until you have perfected the fast of Ramadan.

So, fasting Ramadan forgives your sins, fasting Ramadan causes you to enter Jannah, fasting Ramadan brings about the sense of Taqwa and Imaan, remember Allah [ S.W.T ] says, O you who believe fasting has been made obligatory upon you, as it was made on those before you, so that you may achieve righteousness and piety.

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