How to make your Eid celebration more fun!

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Eid Mubarak

1. Decorate your house

Let your family help you with decorating and make it a fun activity. Or keep it a secret for your family and decorate the whole house by yourself at night. And surprise them in the early morning!

2. Get some brand new clothes!

Getting clothes for Eid is crucial, as most of people do not feel that Eid is any special without buying some new, fancy clothes.

3. Secret Eidia

As others have Secret Santa on Christmas, we have Secret Eidia [Eid al-Fitr or Eid al-Adha]. It would be a great idea if you bought every person in your family a gift and placed that secret Eidia inside the gift’s box. This would be a really is a fun and different way to give Eidia.

4. Get the kids involved

Encourage them to leave their phones, turn off the TV and play cards or make up some competitions together, have fun like old times and get to know each other better. Another option is to bake cupcakes and cookies with kids during Eid. Get the children involved and make them sit at the table with all kinds of cupcake decorations. Give an empty cupcake so they can start decorating.

5. Day out

Instead of having the whole family coming over to come eat, eat and eat after Eid prayers, you could also choose to have a day out. You can take all your family members to spend a lovely day in the fresh air away from home. Adults can have some family conversations, or go for long walks while children can fly their kites or play hide and seek.

6. Make some good Food and go for picnics!

We cannot deny the fact that “Eid is all about the food.” If you would like to at home, there are still ways to make it more special. As after Eid prayers you could invite your family over to a park for a big picnic.

You should plan in advance who brings food, and who brings games, and in that way everyone can have more fun by playing with their parents, uncles, aunts and siblings. You could also do this in the garden if you have one, so you do not have to go out. In the end, Eid is about gathering with your family, be extra kind, think of the poor and spread the love!

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