How to Save Money on Your Holiday Meal

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A holiday meal can be expensive to host, but it’s also rewarding. Here’s how you can save money on your holiday meal.

Planning a holiday meal? It can be expensive to host, but it’s also rewarding. Here’s how you can plan a fabulous meal without running your bank account dry.

1. Start Planning Early

You might not want to think about it yet, but in reality, the sooner you create your holiday meal plan, the better.

Once the meal is planned, you can draw up your shopping lists and budget time and money for the event, then start looking for money saving deals.

2. Shop Early for Non-perishables

Many people wait until the last second to plan and shop, but that just adds stress and cost. You can save money by shopping for nonperishables early—especially since supermarkets are already running sales on popular holiday items like butter, pie crusts, and cranberries.

And, when you shop over a longer period, the cost of the meal isn’t as overwhelming.

3. Be a Couponer

It’s so easy to use coupons these days thanks to sites like, and and services like

So, look for coupons for the items that you’ll need for your holiday meal. Bonus: shop somewhere that doubles coupons.

4. Watch the Sales and Promos

Locally in the northeast, ShopRite is already running a promo where shoppers who spend $300 over a period of time will receive a free turkey or ham. Many other supermarkets run similar free or discount programs.

Also, keep an eye out for offers that allow you to save money off your next shopping order—that can add up, too.

5. Forge Your Own Holiday Traditions

Not everyone is into the turkey and all the fixings, and that’s a-okay! Instead of making what you feel like you should, create your own traditions by making a meal that your family will enjoy.

It will mean less waste, and greater fun for all.

6. Be budget Conscious

Ultimately, you should never spend more than you can afford—whether you are spreading it out or not.

So, set a budget for your holiday meal and stick to it.

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