How to say Happy Mother’s Day for Mother Who Died

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Some say they wish they could well treat their mothers and return a small part of her favor upon them, but she, unfortunately, passed away. If your mother passed away then it does not mean you cannot be kind to her anymore nor are you disconnected to her, as She owes you a favor even when she is dead. You are deprived of her love, looking at her beautiful face. However, you can do much in your journey of recognizing the favor and showing gratitude for her. Here we will try to mention some things you can do and are considered an act of kindness towards your deceased mother.

In Many Ways, Happy Mother’s Day

In addition, you have to maximize your good-deeds towards your mother even after her death that you may find her feeling happy with you and all the things you did for her, and to show that you never forgot her even after her death and that you are still committed to being kind and thankful to her:
• Asking God to bestow mercy and compassion upon her, and wishing her to dwell in the highest rank of paradise wearing the dress of heaven and to enjoy her dwell there. Also ask God to alleviate the darkness and loneliness of her grave and bestow his light upon her, and to replace her with a better dwelling and a higher status and to drink from the well of the prophet Mohamed PBUH and countless other wishes and supplications.
• Asking forgiveness for her in many different ways.
• Maintain good relations with her kin by visiting her relatives and siblings, being kind to them by visiting them and keeping in touch with them by all possible means.
• To be nice and kind to her friends, sending them gifts and asking after them, and never stop that because it is one of the best ways to be kind to your deceased.
• To love and treat kindly all those whom she used to be kind to, exactly as she used to do.
• Philanthropy (paying charity) on behalf of your mother is favorable as well. It is necessary to be kind to her by doing all forms of charity.
• To maintain the good deeds she used to do, in case she used to, and never halt any kind of good deeds she used to do and recommend your children to maintain it after your death.
• To make ongoing charity and ongoing good on behalf of her, such as charity water or a monthly salary for a poor family or books that can be useful for seekers of knowledge.
• Performing Umra and Hajj on behalf of her, in case she did not perform them.
• To implement her will if she gave one but within the boundaries of Islamic law.
• To tell her good deeds to your children.
• To ask others to pray for her.

Whatever good you do for your mother is still not enough whether she is alive or dead, but we try to make her happy and return some of her favors and recognize her good deeds by showing kindness, loyalty, and love to her.

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