Husband Message To His Wife – Kind Words!

Husband Message

Today a difference between someone who’s stingy with their money and someone who’s stingy with their emotions. There’s a stinginess of wealth. However, what’s even worse than it is the stinginess of emotions. An example of this would be that you may not say any kind words to your wife, or you don’t pat her on the back. That you’re not concerned for emotions and that although there are nice feelings inside of you, you don’t speak of them. This is stinginess. Do you know the verse from the holy Qur’an that says “And present in [human] souls is stinginess. (The Holy Qur’an 4:128)”

There are stingy souls, which Allah will bring on the day of resurrection, and they will be asked about their stinginess. Verily, the stinginess of the soul is worse than the stinginess of the wealth. Let me tell you the story. She’s a young lady who graduated from Fine Art’s University. She’s very artistic, and she draws portraits. The young lady loves her mother and father a lot, and she wants to bring them closer to one another. However, the father doesn’t speak a lot or express his feelings a lot. Yet, the mother needs to hear nice words. However, the young lady chose to bring together her parents.

Sometimes children, can bring their parents together, cause them to love one another, and cause them to befriend one another. So the young artist decided to draw her parents, based on an old photograph for them she had found. She decided to draw them, and give them this gift on their Wedding Anniversary.

She put the old photograph in front of her of her parents as she was drawing which was from the time they were young and full of love for each other. She began drawing both of them. She kept working on the drawing, and she was almost done, but she hid the picture so no one sees it until the anniversary. While she was finishing up the drawing, her father entered the room. She immediately hid the picture. However, her father asked her, “What are you doing?” She told him, “I’m drawing.” Her father sat down. The young lady felt this strong urge from within to show the drawing to her father.

She told him, “I’m going to tell you a secret, but don’t tell mom.” She opened the drawing, and he looked at it and at her mother and told her, “Wow, your mother’s eyes are so beautiful. Do you know that I love your mother so much? Do you know that your mother comforts me when I look at her face? This picture is really beautiful. Do you know what I’m going to do? Since you showed me the picture, I’m going to buy a frame, so you give us the picture on our anniversary and I got the frame. I will get a card, and write words for your mother in it. However, don’t look inside of the card until the anniversary.”

The father got the card, and closed it. He also bought the frame. She finished her work. However, before the anniversary the father passed away. It was his fate that he died. The mother was very saddened because her husband passed away. The daughter narrates, “On the anniversary day, after my father’s passing, I wasn’t sure if I should show her the picture or not. Then I decided to show her the picture, otherwise she’ll get sad and feel unhappy. I’ll show her the picture.”

She put the picture in front of her mother, and said, “I drew you both.” And then she remembered that there’s a card her father had written. She told her mother, “However, the card was written by dad.’ They got the card and opened it.

They found that the father wrote to the mother: “My daughter reminded me how much I love you. I will always look in your eyes for comfort, as long as I’m alive.” The mother held the card and said, “He never told me anything like that. I wish he had said that to me. I wish he had said that while he’s alive I needed to hear that from him. Since he felt that way, why didn’t he tell me that?”

That’s the end of the story. A smile of hope for every man who says kind words to his wife, even if occasionally he doesn’t feel it so he’s merciful with her. Also, so he can bring a smile of hope on her face and the face of his children, and so that he’s not stingy emotionally even if he’s generous when it comes to wealth. A smile of hope for kind words said to your wife.

~ Amr Khaled

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