In her feast, Altruism and Motherhood

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Mother is our first lone and she is the queen of happiness. This is enough to be a mother. I cannot describe how far I love you. mother not only a pregnant woman for nine months and then put an embryo it is also a woman who raised up her baby, stayed up at night to provide care for him and introduce love and affection without asking anything for herself. This woman may be your aunt or your grandmother, but they have presented this rule efficiently and willingly so she deserved this nickname because they may have introduced this role when the real mother died and leave her sons to her husband for example.

If your mother still lives, you don’t have the right to bind her or leave her lonely even if she left you when you were still young, don’t forget that she has carried you for about nine months and bear all difficulties and pains for you to come and become here. Your alternative mother has the same right, as the responsibility of bringing you up does not differentiate from labor pains.

There are some real stories about alternative mothers who instills love and affliction in orphan’s spirit who lost their mothers:
• A young woman who did not marry and did not taste the reproduction. her brother died at the beginning of his life. a lot of people ask her engagement, and left three young children after her brother’s dead brother’s wife left her sons and went to marry because her parents refused to be young woman losing her life on raising her children up only .aunt carried the whole responsibility and raised up the children. She never experiences or gets bored. There was a baby, young boy in early childhood and the young girl. She worked sewing career, she educated them, feed them, drinks them. Her sisters helped her but she was the main supporter.

She carried the whole responsibility and the burden of the three children. when the girls became at the age of Marriage she helped to become wife’s, did not lack anything like other girls in their time .when the boy became at the age of marriage, she helped him and renewed the home and let him live with her, does not this woman deserves all gratitude, the recognition of the appreciation, friendliness, and love from her brother’s children of her brother .she really deserve title of mother and even did not know one day is divorced The pregnancy. It feeds them stayed up when they were ill became anxious about the child .the responsibility is carried two naturally, but she carried alone for the children. As she will be sad if they feel orphaned if she left them.

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