Is the Divorce Is Better for This Woman?

Query: As per I married Bosnian Muslim woman in the Egyptian embassy in Sarajevo due to the Egyptian law since 2010. We lived together and we have daughter.

Due to some troubles in my work I haven’t money to pay for her and my daughter since OCT2010. She searched for work in Sarajevo but she didn’t found, so she worked as makeup professional but the money she earned wasn’t enough for her and my daughter, then she worked in betting company. So, I told her that’s haram money (and little halal better than much haram) she insist to work in that company. Now I am here in Egypt and she and my daughter in bosnia.

Shall I divorce her and consider her as discordant because she came out from my obedience and she accept haram money


If your wife is truly as you describe her, then she is recalcitrant wife. The treatment of recalcitrant wives has been stipulated in sharia in few steps: divorce is not on top of them. In fact, it comes last. So, firstly, you should provide her with money and a house, then, ask her to repent and leave the haram money.

So, if she returns, then all praise be to Allah, otherwise, leave her.

Sources: Al-Azhar Al-Sharif

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