Whispers About Divorce

Query: Assalam o elaikum, A person was chatting with his wife on WhatsApp. He sent an emoji to his wife. the emoji was a boy firing with his pistol. soon after sending the said emoji the person in his head started imagining saying divorce with every bullet the emoji character fired. While he was busy …

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Is Coca Cola Haram in Islam?

Query: There has been lots of debate on the internet and what’s App concerning Pepsin which is extracted from pig intestines. Some claim that it is Haram to drink Pepsi and Coca Cola because they contain this substance. Others claim that it doesn’t exist in soft drinks as no one ever managed to test the …

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Masturbation Is Prohibited Religiously and Harmful Physically

Query: Assalamualaikum, This Islamic website says that masturbation is allowed if the desire distracts one from worldly/religious matters based on the principle ‘Necessity Makes The Unlawful, Lawful‘. Is this true? Please help as I’m missing all my prayers as I’m abiding by this because my desires constantly distract me. Answer The best way one can …

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Is it lawful to celebrate UnIslamic feasts?

Query: Is it lawful to celebrate UnIslamic feasts? Answer Celebrating any good occasion is a good thing provided that the occasion is not for something contrary to Islamic doctrine and teachings. Sources: Al-Azhar Al-Sharif Also, Read: The Uncle on Law of Inheritance in Sharia

How Can a Person Be a Muslim?

Query: How can a person be a Muslim? Answer A man converts to Islam by sincerely pronouncing Shahada. He doesn’t embrace Islam by performing acts of worship nor other Islamic rituals. As for Ghusul (washing up), it’s preferable for whoever converts rather than an obligation. Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, “He who …

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Punishment for Apostasy in Islam

Query: Is there a punishment for apostasy? If so, what is it and why? Answer Some Islamic jurists are of the opinion that the apostate should be punished if he’s insistent. The details of such punishment are controversial among Muslim scholars and Islamic schools of thought. However, there are inevitable penalties incurred; such as separating …

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Ramadan Fasting in Germany

Query: Assalamu alaikum, I would like to kindly ask you on your opinion on Fasting in Germany in the next Ramadan, in which days will be around 18 hours long as last year. Some Muslims fast until sunset, others fast 15 hours and then break their fast. What is the correct opinion? JazakAllahu khayran Salima. …

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Divine decree in Islam

Query: I have Russian wife she is already become Muslim but she still confusing about destiny and why we are suffering in our life and why young guy healthy die while some old one non healthy still alive, i can not convenes her , shall I have satisfied answer for her to understand.? Answer All …

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