Knock Knock «Horror Story»

Knock Knock, Horror Story

How deep the sound of knocking is inside? How many secrets are hidden in this voice? Don’t know who will be at the door? A guest, a lost traveler, a neighbor. How much happiness is hidden in the sound of knocking? Child returning from school, tired husband!

Sometimes this sound can be very annoying. Kids begging for a kite or a ball on the roof again and again, or a poor person who is being harassed untimely.

But. This is the story of a very different knock. It’s not just a knock, it’s a knock. The angel of death sighs. How can the sigh of the angel of death be? Scary Terrible Extremely deadly. And the greatest persecution is that the sound of death can be heard but it is not known for whom this voice is. Who will be drawn to this bloody cry? Unwillingly.

The people of this lush, beautiful village have always been very committed to their routine. As soon as it gets dark at night, they fall into a deep sleep. And in the morning they wake up with the first rays of the sun.

Sleep is also deep and sweet because of working hard in the fields and gardens all day. Even if the clouds thunder, the dogs bark in the streets, the whistling of a passing train can be heard. No one’s eye is opened.

Yes but one night a year when a dark, cold, terrible night comes. One by one The eyes of the villagers are opened. And they tremble with fear. Fear that goes down the veins.

For the past twenty-five years, this night has come at least once a year. When it gets very cold. The fog spreads. It rains at night. Even when covered with two blankets, hands and feet become snow. Then All of a sudden In the village streets after midnight. On unpaved roads. A voice emerges. Knock knock The sound of wood. Like someone walking on a stick. For a long time the sound of wood echoed in different streets. slowly.

Gradually the sound of the wood becomes so loud that the ears begin to tear. From his horrible threat. Deeply asleep, the villagers wake up. And tremble. Not out of cold, out of fear. and then. There is a knock on the door of a house. over and over again. Knock knock Probably from the same wood.

Then a voice echoes. An old, disgusting, trembling voice. “I feel hungry, Give food”.

What would the voice of an angel of death be like? Maybe no one can tell. But anyone who heard the bloody voice was convinced that the voice of the angel of death would be exactly like that.

And the door of the house that she really knocked on would have killed someone in that house in no time. All of a sudden Either fall from the roof. Or from a snake bite. Or just like that. Don’t know why.

In twenty-five years, twenty-five people had fallen victim to this bloody knock. This was not going to walk long? If they did not understand was born in twenty or twenty-five years ago this curse.

Were ignorant because of But.

But those who were sensible at the time knew very well that this was a long punishment. Probably never ending.

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