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Slums and Poverty in Egypt

Between poverty, hunger and child labor, with slums and poor places in Egypt. Here with images that reflect this style of living in one of the Arab and African countries. Arab Republic of Egypt pictures. All photos by: Hossam Atef.

Spectacular! Song Saa Private Island – Sihanoukville, Cambodia

The Song Saa Private Island is the grand Winner for The Style Junkies Awards, under the category of ‘Out of my League’ among so many other great hotels. Spectacular luxurious resort, but someone, maybe say it’s too expensive. Comparing the price between Maldives and koh songsa, the Maldives is more perfect and even much cheaper. I …

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Cityscapes At Night. Masterwork HD Wallpapers

If you see those Cityscapes now! You must know: you must concentrate on every step, giving your best in each and every moment. Determination today leads to success tomorrow. This is our plan. Here twenty high-definition wallpapers of the Cityscapes at night, it’s a great photos. Really Masterwork, with wide dimensions, free for all.

35 Awesome Mountains From Across Europe

Giant Mountains, many, from across Europe, with the names and pictures (can be used as wallpapers), set includes thirty-five of the most awesome European mountains with landscape. Europe’s mountains with natural scenes, ice and other in JPG files are available free to all.

25 Natural Mountainous Places In Europe

Something beautiful, A set contains twenty-five pictures and wallpapers for the mountains and natural places in Europe, one of the best natural scenes at all (Natural Mountainous Places). There are more pictures and mountains wallpapers in Europe and natural places in other pages, Follow us and wait for more soon, Enjoy.