Louis XIV And The Prisoner – Awesome Story

Smile of hope today says that some people tends to complicate life, already there are many complications in our lives, but people tries to complicates situations more, although there are many easier solutions, but some people tends to choose the hard ones. For example sometimes we complicate things for a couple to get married till this marriage don’t work, while they can get married with simple things, and let them build their lives step by step in the future. Why we are searching for the complicated solutions and not the easy ones. This happens in our marriage, in our work, and in our life style.

Louis XIV And The Prisoner
Louis XIV And The Prisoner

I will tell you a story which happened in the time of Louis XIV the Empire of France, he had a prisoner who was going to be executed tomorrow, and suddenly he found the king in front of him in his prison – Louis XIV who was famous of doing strange things and suggesting strange suggestions – he went to the prisoner and told him I will give you a last chance, this jail has lots of tangles, and secret passages, only one of them will get you out, I will give you a chance till tomorrow morning if you managed to find the right passage, you will be free.

Louis XIV, was not joking, the prisoners’ cuffs were removed, and he run trying to find the right passage out. He found a small hidden door he opened it, and found a small corridor, then a stairs, he went up, then another corridor, and so on, till he smell the air, and he found himself at the highest point of the citadel, he couldn’t jump from it and die. He runs back very quickly and tiredly too, and then he found a moving stone under his feet, he moved it, and found another corridor, so he started crawling, till he heard the sound of water, he found the river at the end, but it was closed by iron weir which he can’t cross.

He returned back to his jail, can’t find a way out, felt so hopeless, and he started wondering is the king making fun of me? Or he is trying to torture me more? When the morning came, Louis XIV came and asked him: “Did you find a way out?” The prisoner said: “No I didn’t find anything”, Louis said. “did you search well?”, he said: “Yes, I did but you are making fun of me”. Louis said: “No I didn’t fool you, the jail door was open, The easier way out was the door and it was not closed, When we were going out yesterday we left the door open for you, and if you went out nobody would have stopped you”.

Did you get my point? Why we are complicating things? Even Allah says in Quran “And We will ease you toward ease”. Easiness is beautiful, why we are searching for hard solutions? Why many parents search for solutions which complicate their children’s live more? Take life easy. Make peoples life easier in order to see a smile of hope.

~ Amr Khaled

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