Mother’s Day celebration: how it all started?

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Mother’s Day is a popular day in many countries around the world. The following paragraphs are going to explore the history of Mother’s Day celebrations and how it started.

Mother’s Day celebration

Mother’s Day is considered an aspect of celebrating mothers and motherhood in general. Most people around the world celebrate Mother’s Day in March, April or even May. In Fact, the idea of Mother’s Day has its roots that extend to Ancient Greece and even to earlier times but it was little different.

There are different myths about the true beginning of Mother’s Day. It is believed that the celebration of Mother’s Day started in 250 B.C.E when the people of Phrygia in Central Asia were honoring and celebrating Goddess Cybele calling her Mother of Gods and daughter of sky-god and earth mother. Also, in Ancient Greece, the Greeks were honoring Rhea, Mother of Gods, and celebrating her in spring.

Romans also were honoring goddess Magna Mater (Mother of Gods and the Great Mother) and celebrating her in spring by making offerings in a temple named after her.

With the advent of Christianity, celebrations were held for what is called “Mother Church” where the smaller churches were making offerings for honoring Mary the Virgin. Such habit was developed to be called “Mothering Sunday”.

As for Mother’s Day we are familiar with today, it was Anna Jarvis who created the Mother’s Day in the U.S in 1908, and became an official holiday in 1914. Soon, it was also celebrated in other countries like Mexico, Canada, Japan, China, and many other countries. In the Arab world, the founder of the Mother’s Day holiday was the well-known Egyptian journalist Ali Amin who suggested devoting a day for celebrating mothers.

To conclude, almost all religions, either revealed or natural, motivate people to celebrate mothers and take good care of them. So, let’s celebrate our mothers all year around.

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