Different Countries With Different Dates of Mother’s Day

The Mother’s Day celebration is a celebration of the 20th century, where nations honor mothers in recognition of their role in raising children and their impact on their societies. Mother’s Day is different from one country to another. Mother’s Day is celebrated in the Arab world on March 21, but not in European or even African countries.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day (Different Countries / Dates)

Morocco Tunisia and Algeria: Unlike Egypt and the Arab world, which celebrate Mother’s Day on March 21, the countries of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria celebrate it on the last Sunday of May of each year.

Yugoslavia: Yugoslavia celebrates the mother’s birthday on the first Sunday of December and the celebrations continue for three days. On the first Sunday parents tie the children to confess their loyalty and then release them. On the second Sunday of the month, the children restrict the mothers to give them sweets and gifts, on the third Sunday, the children celebrate the Father’s Day and the children restrict the parents and release them only after promising the children to buy them new clothes.

Spain: Mother’s Day celebrations in Spain take place on December 8. Mother’s Day in the country is associated with church celebrations to honor the Virgin Mary.

Japan, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey: Mother’s Day celebrations in Japan will take place on the second Sunday of May, where an exhibition titled “My Mother” will be held featuring pictures of children with their mothers. Other countries will celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May: Australia, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, and Turkey.

India: Mother’s Day is celebrated in India for ten days in October. The feast is called a “staircase”, a sacred name for Hindu beliefs. They are represented as to be very long and to have ten arms and carry in each arm a weapon to destroy evil.

South Africa: Mother’s Day is celebrated in South Africa on the second Sunday of May.

Mexico and South America: Mother’s Day celebrations in Mexico and South America are on May 10.

Georgia: Celebrates Mother’s Day on March 3.

Russia and Afghanistan: Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Kosovo, Russia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Vietnam and Serbia celebrate the mother’s birthday on March 8 each year.

Sweden: Mother’s Day celebrations in Sweden take place on the last Sunday of May and are now official holidays in the country.

Argentina: Mother’s Day celebrations in Argentina will be celebrated on the second Sunday of October.

Lebanon: Mother’s Day in Lebanon is the first day of the spring days.

France: French families celebrate Mother’s Day on the last Sunday of May.

Ethiopia: There is no specific day of celebration in Ethiopia, but the celebration comes after the rainy season ends.

United States of America: Americans celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May, a public holiday.

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