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Before talking about Mother’s Day 2018, I would like to start my article with Marguerite Gardiner’s words, an Irish novelist, journalist and literary hostess, saying “A mother’s love! O holy, boundless thing! Fountain whose waters never cease to spring!”.

In these short words, she managed to describe the love of mothers towards their children. Such a divine feeling can’t be measured by earth’s standards. A gift by the Lord was put in her heart.

I am sure there are lots of words that described mothers and how they are appreciated all over the globe, but to me I guess words are not enough. Actions speak louder than words. It is not necessary to express our love for our mother in mere gifts, cards and flowers.

Happy Mother's Day , Image , Holiday
Happy Mother’s Day 2018 Image for this holiday

We need to show our mothers that their love, care and devotion is returned. Whether by obeying her, helping her in her house chores or going to errands to save her time and effort. Trust me it makes a difference.
Starting from this notion came Mother’s day.

The founder of Mother’s day “Anna Jarvis”

The idea of Mother’s day came in the late of 19th century and beginning of 20th century, when a woman called Anna Jarvis lost her mother 1905. She wanted to honor her mother and other mothers who sacrifices a lot for the sake of their children.

She kept the idea secret until she found the financial support from a man called John Wanamaker who owned Philadelphia department store.

She managed to celebrate the first Mother’s day at Methodist church in Grafton, West Virginia.

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I Love Mom With Color Pens and Drawings

She was unmarried and had no children of her own her whole life. she sought for this day to become of the national days in the country because all American holiday were directed only to males’ achievements. So she began a huge campaign of writing to newspapers and politicians to adopt that day and honor motherhood.

In the year 1912, she succeeded. Lots of towns and states even churches had declared Mother’s day as a national holiday. She even established the Mother’s day international association to back up her cause and promote it. Her patience and persistence pushed President Woodrow Wilson to sign a measure establishing Mother’s day on the second Sunday of May.

Happy Mothers Day , Two Hearts , Picture
Happy Mother’s Day 2018 with two Colored Hearts Picture

Anna’s purpose behind establishing such day is to celebrate motherhood with families. But what she found later made her angry and disgusted. Profiteers behind this day such as florists, card companies and other people capitalized on its popularity.

She took in her hand fighting these people and launched many lawsuits against anyone who used the Mother’s day name. She spent her whole wealth in legal fees. She kept trying to disown the holiday until she died in 1948.

Happy Mother's Day , Red Hearts , Amazing Background
Happy Mother’s Day 2018 with two Red Hearts Amazing Background

Mother’s Day around the world and their dates

The celebrations of Mother’s day in the United States of America is the second sunday of May but other countries who adopted it celebrate in different times. For example: countries in the Middle East like Egypt, Sudan, Syria and Bahrain celebrate Mother’s day on 21 March.

• Countries like Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Moldova and Armenia celebrate Mother’s day in 8 March.
• Countries like Norway celebrate Mother’s day on the second Sunday of February.
• Countries like Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey, and Guernsey celebrate Mother’s day in the fourth Sunday in lent.
• Countries like Angola, Lithuania, Mozambique and Hungary celebrate Mother’s day in the first Sunday of May.
• Countries like South Korea celebrate it in 8 May.
• countries like Finland, Gabon, Greece, Canada, Barbados, Austria, China, and many more celebrate Mother’s day on second Sunday of May.
• Benin celebrates on 14 May.
• Paraguay celebrated on 15 May.
• France, Algeria, Morocco and Dominican Republic celebrates on the last Sunday of May.

Happy Mother's Day , Red Hearts , Image
Happy Mother’s Day 2018 with two Red Hearts in Image

Traditions relative to the Mother’s day holiday

Though Mother’s day was promoted by companies to benefit from it, this day hold different meanings in other countries and cultures. Some are religious, some are historical and other legendary.

I Love Mom , White Hearts , Mothers Day
I Love Mom with two White Hearts for Mothers Day

Religious believes

In Christianity, the Mother’s day is associated with praying to Virgin Mary.
In Islam, there is no celebration or concept of Mother’s day but Mothers in Islam hold a high position. According to traditions under their feet the heaven is found. This is of course means you will enter heaven after death due to your caring and loving your mother.

I Love My Mom, White Paper
I Love My Mom In White Paper

Mother’s Day 2018 celebrations

The celebrations of Mother’s day differ from country to the other but they have certain points in common.
• Children are taught with the important is that day, they teach them to prepare card gifts written in it beautiful wishes.
• people go to churches and pray to The Virgin Mary.
• Families visits to celebrate the mother.
• Postcards and gifts are bought and sent.
• Some countries give the day off from work.
• People help their mothers in that day in house chores or errands.
• In countries like Ethiopia, huge feasts are made to celebrate mothers.

I Love My Mom , Mother's Day Image
I Love My Mom Mother’s Day Image

In United States of America, Mother’s day is one of the main days for flower sale, cards and gifts.

Back then, the Mother’s day was even chosen to launch a political causes or feminist movements. Example of this the use of Martin Luther king Jr.’s wife of this day to host a march for women and children of no privileges at all. Another group of people used this day to call out for equal rights and childcare.

Mom , Happy Mothers Day, Image , Sky
Mom Happy Mothers Day Image in the Sky

In UK Mother’s day originally not related to mothers at all but it was meant to visit the “mother” church, unlike the US version which is dedicated to mothers entirely.

Mothers Day , Red Hearts, Photo
Mothers Day with two Red Hearts in Photo

So at the end, wherever you are, you should show appreciation to your mother, show her that you care by a kiss, a flower, a card written by hand, or even better clean the mess behind you so she can take a rest from house chores, or make her breakfast in bed. For youngsters you may prepare a jam on toast or simple delicious sandwich she prefers. Believe me to her it is the whole world.

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