National American Eagle Day! What is its history?

National American Eagle Day

National American Eagle day or Bald Eagle day is a special day. It’s on 20 June every day. It’s an important day not only for a single reason but also for two distinctive reasons.

First because the American eagle represent the country as it is an important Symbolism of the American Eagle or the bald eagle as it represent the freedom, liberty, strength and beauty. Second to celebrate this fabulous bird and to remind people of protecting him from extinction as it was an endangered species about to disappear from the world.

History of American Eagle

  • As we said before the American Eagle represents the country so let’s take a round to know about the history of choosing this bird.
  • In 1776, the united states of American was looking for a seal to represent the country and indeed there was a lot of recommendation but the Congress refused all of them.
  • At the end, Charles Thomson who is the secretary of Congress get a task to design the seal so he made improvement to the existed seals and he added the bald eagle in the designs and of course that was the beginning.
  • The symbols had a lot of admiration but of course not all people accepted it like Benjamin Franklin.
  • Although he didn’t announce officially that he wanted the Turkey to be chosen, he said about the American eagle that it is “bird of bad character.
  • Soon the American bird was included on the seal and became one of the most important symbols in the American culture.

History of National American Eagle Day

  • Maybe you are asking yourself now. “so, I understand how they chose the bald eagle as symbols, but how we began to celebrate the National American Eagle day?”
  • I will tell you. The story began in 1950, at this time the American eagle was in a great danger of extinction. That’s because different reasons like losing their natural habitant, the use of pesticides which was very dangerous as it kills their eggs and hunting.
  • And in 1967 it was announced officially to classify the American eagle as endangered species. The story spread and American eagle turned to be a major success story of the endangered species.
  • Greats efforts was done to protect American eagle and a great new is that it reaps the fruit of that great efforts. In 1995, already the American eagle was replaced from the endangered species list to the threatened species list.
  • In 2007, it was removed from the threatened species list finally.
  • Most of that thanks to the American eagle foundation who established the National American Eagle day to protect American eagle and their fellow birds of prey from the danger of extinction and reminded them every day by the necessary to protect those creature.
  • In 1995, president Bill Clinton and Tennessee Governor Don Sundquist announced the first American eagle day because of the request from the American eagle foundation. Since then every year they celebrated that day.
  • And national American eagle day became an official day for the state.

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