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On Memorial Day: 7 Things to Thank Our Veterans for

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Memorial Day – Remember Those Who Served

In memory of our honored dead, we should remember the great sacrifices made by our veterans to keep our nations safe. Here why we should deeply respect and appreciate our veterans.

What Is About Our Memorial Day

1. They voluntarily chose to join Military Service: Those people, whether men or women, preferred to respond to the call of duty and give up everything to serve their country.
2. They go away from home: Those soldiers have homes, families, hobbies, jobs and other duties. They leave all these things behind just to serve our country and keep us safe.
3. Military families are heroes too: The families of those veterans make great sacrifices because they have to do without one of their family members who can be a brother, a father, a sister or even a mother. They feel pain inside but they also understand the real meaning of sacrifice.
4. They undergo tough training: Joining Military service requires the veterans to go through very hard training. They are required to develop their skills to adapt to difficult situations in the field. So, veterans endure all these difficulties to be able to serve their country.
5. They are ready to serve no matter what: Veterans choose to go through terrible conditions just to keep their home and families safe. They don’t fear death and they are ready to sacrifice their lives for us.
6. Their spirits are never broken: Veterans are so proud of serving their country even if they lose one of their body parts. They might be emotionally hurt as well, but they strongly believe that they did the right thing.
7. They represent this nation: Our veterans are the representation of America’s spirit. They love their nation so much that they leave everything behind and go overseas to ensure the safety and security of our nation. As Americans, they make great sacrifices and that’s why they deserve our deep respect and appreciation.

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