She the Best Mother And Woman, Girl!

The story is told by the girl when she grew older. However, she said, “When I was young, my mother brought me up without bringing my attention to the fact that we are poor, and that we lived in poverty.” She said, 1 didn’t know we were poor until 3rd grade, of elementary school. I have 5 siblings, who used to play with me.

She the Best Mother And Woman, Girl
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I always found my clothes clean, because my mom was always very cautious of making my clothes clean. She always patched it herself, because it had a lot of rips.

My mom always washed my hair in the morning. And I always found my shoes were polished. I never felt that I was poor, because of the way my mom was bringing me up. This continued, until one time while I was at school in 3rd grade, I got in a fight with 2 girls in my lass. They looked at me and said, “You’re poor.”

The girl was young, and her classmates were young as well. However, the words hurt her so much. She continues narrating her story by saying, 1 got home from school, and I kept on crying. I looked around me at home, and I realized that we’re actually poor. The cover for the bed was tom. The paint on the walls actually had a lot of fingerprints, because it was painted by hand in an unprofessional way. I looked at our fridge, and I opened it. My mom was watching me while I was doing all this. I looked at the fridge, and it had a plate with beans and a plate with lentils.

Outside I saw a few falafel, and bread that’s two or three days old. What is this? I didn’t know I was poor. I am actually poor.” She kept on crying. She says, 1 went to my mother, and with great strength I told her, “Mom, are we poor?” I thought she would defend herself. I thought she would pat me on the back, and give me reasoning as to why we’re poor. However, all of a sudden, my mom looked at me with great awe, and told me, “Poor people? Are you saying we’re poor people? No my love, we’re not poor.

She opened the door of the kitchen and told me, “Look at your two siblings who are playing. We have things other people can never get. Can you see how your siblings are smiling; can you see how they’re jumping around? Can you see how their health is good?” She quickly went and got me a picture, and told me “Do you remember this picture, when all of us were at the dinner table eating together? Can you see the beans and lentils on the table? Can you see how we’re laughing while we’re taking the picture?” She then walked me to the fridge and opened it. She said, “Can you see these beans we have?
There are some people who can’t afford this.”

She then looked at me, and said, “Oh you mean that we’re poor when it comes to money? We may be poor when it comes to money. However, we have things that make us really rich, that other people maybe aren’t able to attain. Some people who have money aren’t able to laugh just like us.
Some people who have money, don’t have good health like we do. Maybe the people who have money aren’t so close to one another and don’t love each other as much as we do.

No, my dear, and on top of all this we’re very honest, and we’re very rich. We’re rich with a lot of things we own: She said, “My mother left me, and went back to cooking as if nothing had happened. However, she didn’t notice that she fed me and nourished me much more than the food for my tummy.

She nourished my heart and soul. She drew smile filled with hope on my face I am rich.”

By Dr. Amr Khaled for you! If you’re: Mother And Woman, Girl!

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