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The dessert or sweets is the course that concludes a meal in different countries’ cultures, especially in western cultures.

There is great number of sweets in the western cultures, such as cakes, cookies, candy, pies, ice cream, pastries and biscuits while in Russian culture you can find different types of sweet breakfast foods such as blini, oladyi, and sirniki, they add honey and jam to make them type of dessert or sweets.

Let’s talk about number of sweets in brief..

1. Cakes

Sweets Name, Pictures, Cakes

Cake is a baked sweet food. In the beginning of its appearance, it was modification of bread and it was called Yeast cakes but later it is cooked, and it can be decorated in a simple or elaborated ways.

There are different types of cake such as, Butter cakes, Sponge, Chiffon, Chocolate, cheese and coffee cakes.

The main ingredients of the cake are flour, sugar, flavoring, and baking powder, some fat like oil or butter, and eggs.

Cakes were used in the celebration of some occasions such as wedding, birthday, and different feasts like Halloween.

2. Cookies

Cookies, Sweets Name, Pictures

Cookies are small, flat and sweet food. The word cookie is used to describe the chewier type of biscuit or plain bun.

There are different types of cookies such as crisp one, soft, and some kinds are not baked at all.

The main ingredients of the cookies are sugar, chocolate, butter, milk, few amounts of flour and nuts or dried vegetables.

Cookies were mainly eaten in travelling; it is easy to be taken in small box anywhere, and it is one of the favorite sweets for kids as well.

3. Pie

Pie, Sweets Name, Pictures

Pie was first appeared in the Egyptian Neolithic period, the earlier forms for pies in this period were flat, round or freedom crusty cakes called galettes which consisted of crust of ground oats, wheat with honey inside.

The main ingredients of the pie are flour, water and butter to make pastry dough.

There are many types of sweet pies such as: apple, cherry, blueberry, custard, chiffon, Banoffe, strawberry and sugar pies.

Pies were used as a meal in long- trips.

4. Candy

Candy, Sweets Name, Pictures

Candy is kind of sweets that are loved by kids and youths.

About its ingredients, the sugar is the principle ingredient in the candy and it contained chocolate, vegetables and nuts inside and covered by sugar.

It was appeared in 1900 and it was sold in unwrapped form then there were machines to wrap gum and stick candies. The appearance of packaging the candy is the main reason to make it widespread.

5. Biscuit

Biscuit, Sweets Name, Pictures

Biscuit is a word which is used to describe the flour-based baked food products.

About Biscuit ingredients, It is made of flour, sugar, baking powder, butter and eggs.

There are different types of biscuits such as rolled, drop, scones, and short cakes biscuits.
Biscuits are also used in travelling as you can keep it in a box in easy way and for a long time.

We can notice that most of the sweets are common in their ingredients; the difference is in the technique of each sweet food and the recipes and the baking temperature in oven as well.

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