The Hekma About the First Salah of the Day [Subh prayer]

Query: Salamo Aleikom, I need to understand the HEKMA if it’s available about the first salah of the day. Every salah starts at a specific time and ends when the following salah starts, but salat ELSOBH the first one ends at shorouk time. Is there a Hekma for that? I appreciate your help in understanding. GOD bless.


Allah’s sharia is always for our best interest in all situations whether we understood the purpose of specific rulings or not. All what is written in the framework of understanding the wisdom of Allah is human ijtihad that may be right and may be wrong just like any human thing.

The duration of Subh prayer could be for putting a limit to procrastination. Other scholars may give other reasons.

Allah knows best.

Sources: Al-Azhar Al-Sharif

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