The History of United States Armed Forces Day

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United States Armed Forces Day

Happy Armed Forces Day

Armed forces Day is dedicated to honor those who serve in the American military for their daily sacrifices.
In fact, Armed Forces Day celebrates those who currently serve in the American Military while there is another day dedicated to those who no longer serve which is Veterans Day, and there is also a day for celebrating those who died while being in military service or after finishing it which is Memorial Day.

There used to be a single celebration for each branch of the Armed forces (Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard) but when all branches were unified under the Department of Defense in 1949, a single day was established for celebrating the current members who serve in the American military.

The significance of establishing Armed Forces Day lies in that it allows for the public to say “Thank you” specifically to the current members of the American military.

The first celebration of the Armed Forces day was on May 20, 1950 which witnessed military displays throughout the country. “Teamed for Defense” was the theme for that day which refers to the unity of all branches of the Military Forces. It was celebrated by air shows, parades and receptions. Nowadays, celebrations of Armed Forces Day include many activities such as teaching children about the Armed Forces and its critical role and military displays in places open for the public. Also, a certain type of music is played at that day to show respect for those who sacrifice themselves for the country.

Still, the main focus of the Armed Forces Day 2018 is increasing the knowledge and understanding of the public on the nature of the job that is performed by the military members and the role that is played by the military in the civilian life. Armed Forces Day 2018 is celebrated on the third Saturday of May. The date of Armed Forces Day changes each year but the day remains the same.

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