[True Story] Japanese Mother And Her Baby

A Smile of Hope today is a story from Japan, about the Japanese Mother, and how much mothers can sacrifice all their lives for their children. The last earthquake in Japan, was where this story occurred, and it was filmed.

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Mother And Her Baby Shoes

The story is that when the earthquake occurred, the rescuers went to the place where the earthquake occurred. They found a lady in one of the houses that were destroyed. The lady had died, but they found her in a prostration form. She wasn’t a Muslim. However, she was in the form of prostration. She was kneeling down with her body entirely, her hands were on the ground, and her head was on the floor.

However, the destruction of the house happened over her back, so her back was completely injured. She died. The rescuers knew she died in this house. The leader of the rescue team asked them to move to another house, because they may find survivors there. They started moving, and as they started moving, they heard a sound of light movement. They didn’t move towards it, but the leader of the rescue team asked them to wait a little bit, and asked them to be quite. There was really a sound of a movement. The sound was as if it’s a light whining sound. They decided to go back, and look again.

They began looking, and they were sure there was a sound. Then they realized it’s a sound coming from beneath the lady. They began trying to remove the body of the lady, and they found a 3-month-old infant beneath her, and he was wrapped in a blanket. The Japanese Mother, when she felt that the house was falling, worried for her infant’s life.

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The concept of motherhood

Aren’t the emotions of a mother amazing? Young men and women, it’s amazing how much your mother loves you and is ready to sacrifice for you. The Japanese Mother went down in prostration so that she would get hurt by the house falling down, and she wrapped the boy in a blanket, because she didn’t know how else to protect him. The house fell over her. The rescuers started taking out the boy, and he was still alive. She saved his life.

They removed the blanket from around him, and they found her cellular phone inside the blanket. They pulled out the cellular phone, and they found that she wrote a message. She wrote it, as if she’s writing it to her infant. She wrote: “If you survive and stay alive, remember that your mother loves you.” She wrote this to her son, but every mother is ready to say this to her kids.

What she did for her son is nothing out of the norm, any mother in her place would’ve done the same thing. She wanted her son to remember that she loved him after she died. “If you survive and stay alive, remember that your mother loves you.” Any mother is ready to do this so her son could live.

I wonder, what are you willing to do to please your mother? Your mother is the one who sacrificed her own dreams for you. Your mother had a lot of aspirations in life, and she let go of them because of one aspiration; which is you. Be merciful to your mother. Be merciful to your father. They are willing to sacrifice their life for you. Draw a smile of hope on their faces.


~ DR. Amr Khaled

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