Welcome Ramadan With More About the Battle of Uhud

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Ramadan Kareem As Greeting Card

Dr/Mohamed Fatris Bakaram “The Mufti of Singapore”: May peace and blessing be upon you. We meet again in this blesses occasion.

Fasting helps to nurture gentleness in one’s heart. Today we shall look into an event that happened during the life of Prophet s.a.w. which is related to gentleness. We all know about the battle of Uhud, in which Prophet s.a.w. faced various setbacks.

Starting with the pressure from some of his companions, who asked him to face his onemies outside of Madinah. When in fact, the Prophet was more inclined to protect Madinah from within.

The second setback was when the hypacrites (munaliqin) succeded in inctling, some of the Prophet’s soldiens, so that they refuse to light together within him. Another setback was withen the archers who where assigned to guard the mountain.

Left their positions, which caused the defeat of the Muslims, here we can see that Prophet s.a.w faced a lot of setbacks , when the battle intensified Prophet s.a.w was left with only a few other companions, while the rest of the Muslim army left the battlefield since they thought Prophet s.a.w was already killed.

The Prophet called them back to the battlefield, but they did not heard his call. Those were the hardships faced by Prophet s.a.w, while dealing with some of his companions during those times.

But we can also see that after the battle, Prophet s.a.w did not condemn them. He did not blame them, and also did not try to exact revenge or punish them. Although it was clear that they ignored his orders.

This graciousness has been mentioned in the Qur’an “It was thanks to Allah’s mercy that you were gentle to them, had you been rough, hard-hearted, they would surely have scattered away from you, So pardon them, and pray for their forgiveness, and take counsel from them in matters of importance”. [Ali-‘mran: 159].

Parise be to Allah, this is the graciousness that has been shown by Prophet s.a.w, even with the treatment he received from some of his companions.

In the end we are able to see how Allah s.w.t granted them victory, and the Prophet’s struggles were eased by Allah s.w.t. thus we are able to observe the outcome of the graciousness portrayed by Prophet s.a.w.

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