What About the Mothers in Islam

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Honoring parents, especially the mother, is one of the rituals that Islam has focused on and compelled its followers to follow because of their greatness and virtue to their children. Honoring and courtesy to parents have many ways like philanthropy and the good deeds which children are offering to their parents, it is noteworthy that parent’s disobedience is one of the major sins in Islam after polytheism, so honoring parents gain us wages and doubled good deeds.

Here are some of the ways of honoring the mother

• Providing her money when she needs it, not leaving her suffering poverty while you have money.
• You have to use your body and health in helping her to provide her comfort, and go with her to the doctor if she needs, help her do the housework, which she does not have the strength to do them, provide her the service by doing it yourself or hire someone who is able to do it.
• Moreover, another way of honoring is to supplicate for her in her presence and absence, supplications compose and bring hearts together and make the one who you are supplicating for happy.
• Always smile at your mother’s face, and do not upset her or show expressions of anger in front of her.
• Stay and take good care of her.
• Obey her except in thing that makes Allah angry.
• Do not insult or curse anyone, because as you sow as you reap.
In addition, there are many forms of honoring mother, which articles cannot fulfill or describe. So, honoring has a clear effect on the righteous son, the repayment of this righteousness will be in this worldly life and hereafter life, because Allah is justice, although you do this honoring because Allah compelled you to do, and because your mother has a right upon you, but Allah rewards you, so what a great gift and grace from Allah for those who honor their parents, especially the mother, and the doer will be well-recompensed, and here are some effect of honoring your mother:
• blessing and longevity: you will feel you have a blessed life which makes you feel its value and longevity and this saying has been narrated from Prophet Muhammad, peace and prayers be upon him.
• Livelihood increase: Allah will increase your livelihood and it is not just money, but also all forms of livelihood.
• Blessed children: What goes around comes around; the more you honor your mother today the more your children will honor you in the future.
• Health and wellness: We ask Allah for that, honoring your mother and caring about her health and wellness will restore your health and wellness.
• Enormous good deeds: Every act you do with the intention of honoring your mother, you will be well recompensed by good deeds from Allah.

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