Eid al-Adha

Every religion has its own celebration so we talk today about one of the most popular event or celebration. It’s Eid al-Adha for muslims. Eid El-Adha is considered one of the religion celebration Muslims have. The first celebration is Eid al-Fitr.

What’s Eid-al-Adha?

Eid-al-Adha is an important celebration or festival for Muslims. It’s not just celebration. It’s the most important celebration or festival. It’s remembers the willingness of prophet Ibrahim in order to sacrifice his own son when Allah ordered him to do that.

As Allah ordered him to sacrifice his own son Ismael to show his obedience. And to show if he will do that or listen to the devil that told him to refuse and disobey Allah.

Ibrahim was a strong faithful so he decided to obey Allah and took his son to Mount Moriah and he was already about to kill his own son but Allah stopped him and gave Ibrahim a lamb instead of his son to sacrifice.

You have to know that god of course doesn’t want a lamb or any animal but he want Muslims and faithful Muslims to show their obedience and they are devoted themselves to Allah. This is also show their obedience to Allah.

How people celebrate Eid el-Adha?

Eid al-Adha is a public holiday in all Muslims country. and a lot of non-Muslims countries gives Muslims holiday in that day to celebrate their festival.

The famous phrase among Muslims to congratulate on this occasion is Eid Mubarak.

In Eid al-Adha every year, people buy an animal usually goat or sheep this is known as “Udhiya” and they sacrifice the animal to remind themselves of what Ibrahim had done to show his obedience by slaughter the animal then they give the meat to their family and the poor people.

Muslims also go to the mosque to pray Eid al-Adha pray in the morning after the rise of the sun.  They wear new clothes and thank Allah for the blessing he gave them.

They also visit their relatives and friends. Muslims also donate money to charity which is known as “zakat Eid al-Adha” this is one of the most important things they do in that day.

Muslims also do one of the important things to celebrate which is known as one of the five pillars of Islam. This is “Haji pilgrimage”.

In the period of Eid al-Adha, a lot of Muslims travel to Mecca and surroundings areas in Saudi Arabia to do Haji pilgrimage. But it’s for the willing people only as many people can’t afford travel to Mecca. So travel agency from all over the world organize package holiday for Muslims in this period. A lot of people began to save money for a lot of time to can afford travelling to Mecca and do Haji pilgrimage.

The date of the day depend on observing the moon and the length of a particular month may vary between years. so Eid El-Adha is predicted at the start of the month of Dhul Hijja. This day is around ten days before the start of the festival.

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