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Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day History in the United States of America

There is no doubt that in our time, Mother’s Day first start was in America by a woman named Anna Jarvis. For the first time she celebrated publicly in 1908 as a honoring to her mother, to be the first to create such a feast, but she was attacked, Many people considered this festival as a kind of promotion of businesses that were specialized in selling flowers and greeting cards, but she did not care about the matter and continued to celebrate this holiday and made it an annual tradition, which led to the development of this holiday and spread in the country until it has also been approved by the US Congress as a national holiday in the country.

Mother’s Day History in the Middle East

Most of the world’s countries celebrate the day 21 of March every year as the Mother’s Day. We celebrate the Queen of our home. How do not you make a feast day to celebrate your mother? The reader of the books of history notes the importance of women.

The ‘Pharaohs’ is one of the first nations to appreciate the mother and celebrate her day. They made Isis a symbol of motherhood. They used to hold flowers roaming the Egyptian cities on this day. They took the statue of Isis, nursing her son Horus, a powerful guide to protection and motherhood.

Mother’s Day in the Arab world was first introduced in Egypt, by the founder and owner of the Egyptian newspaper Al-Akhbar who was called the journalist Ali Amin in an article he wrote demanding that the mother should have a national holiday. Mother’s Day is one of the holidays that we are eagerly waiting for and which do not consider a religious holiday. It is a holiday, which has its own rituals and feelings. It brings joy to the hearts of children and mothers, how can we not celebrate it?

Mother’s Day History in Europe

Christians in Europe dedicated a day of celebration and honor to the Mother of Jesus. This day was known as “Motherhood,” where they held a statue of the Virgin Mary, passing through most of the streets of the city, saying their own prayers, Most of the families put in their homes some pictures, statues and candles are lit as a kind of prayer.

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