World No Tobacco Day (31 May 2020)

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World No Tobacco Day

World No Tobacco Day 2020

31 May is a special day which we celebrate the “World No Tobacco Day“.

From 1987, every year the “World Health Organization (WHO)” gives due care to celebrate the “World No Tobacco Day”.

The celebration aims to increase awareness of people from the massive danger of smoking.

No one can doubt that smoking has a fatal effect on people’s health around the world.

So the “World Health Organization (WHO)” keeps warning people about this fatal danger of smoking and Tobacco through “World No Tobacco Day”.

We have to remind you that smoking has this huge danger on smoker and indirect smoker.

It can cause many diseases like: it really has a tremendous effect on lung health of people, it also cause a deadly diseases such as cancer and chronic respiratory disease, It also can cause asthma.

So the “World Health Organization (WHO)” works on warning people of this dangerous effects and works on making people understand more about their health and why this is so important like awareness of the major role for lungs to people life and how it is essential to keep it healthy.

In the recent years, the industry of the tobacco has increased in a remarkable way by attracting many youth to tobacco and smoking, so they work too much on their products and give due care to marketing strategy to attract more people to smoking, it’s painfully obvious that they don’t want to lose the millions that they might lose when millions of people die each year because of smoking and tobacco so they displace them by millions of new smokers.

We have to mention either how they attract more people.

They do a lot of marketing strategy like

  • • Use flavours to their product such as cherry and persuade them that it decrease the danger of tobacco.
  • • They use attractive and stunning design to catch people’s attention to their products.
  • • They use a deceptive promotion that they have modified their products to be more health.
  • • They use another evil plan but by indirect way such as movies and TV movies which show a lot of smokers have a great life.

Of course there is a lot of strategy they adopt but this is a brief of it. It’s really a disappointing thing but unfortunately it’s true.

Although this shocking news, the delightful news is still there. On the other hand the “World No Tobacco Day” has come to struggle against that evil and greedy plan.

“World No Tobacco Day” mainly focus to five attention to youth and increase their awareness through marketing campaign which aim to give them information about their health and about the awful impact of smoking on health as we said before and aware them of the strategy of this industry.

They can’t be an onlooker who watch and don’t make any progress so they do their best to stop smoking around the world and they use all ways to introduce their campaign through difference platform like social media and press.

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