YouTube Tips to be successful

YouTube Tips to be successful

Hi beauties! How are you? Upon your request, today I’ll tell you different tips on how to be successful on Youtube.

It’s been 3 years since I started and I learnt a lot and I’m still learning new things everyday.

So I’ll tell you the tips that I learnt till now:

Before anything

You have to make sure that you’re passionate about what your doing so you can put all your effort in it, because it’s not easy at all and especially the beginning, it’s the hardest.

You need to get used to filming, editing and come up with new ideas for the videos.

Be yourself

Be honest in your channel and let it reflect your personality.

Don’t copy other personalities because it will show and you won’t be comfortable.

Each person has a unique personality.

Be committed

You can’t keep disappearing from your channel.

You might face some situations and you get busy some days but make sure not to disappear a lot.

I also wasn’t committed in uploading videos the first two years.

I used to upload a video then disappear for a month or two and then go back and upload another one, and this honestly didn’t help me.

The last year when I became committed, I felt there was improvement in the channel and I was enjoying it even more.

Try to always come up with new ideas and talk about the topics that you’re interested in.

You might not know what things to talk about at first.

When I first did my channel, I didn’t know what to talk about.

I used to upload videos in English in my first year and then I changed to Arabic.

So don’t be scared to try.

Don’t… Don’t worry…

Don’t worry about filming and editing, because you’ll learn everything with time.

I started off doing anything, And thank God Google exists. I searched everything and I learnt from it.

I tried many different editing software until I found the one I liked.

And you don’t have to buy a new camera just to film videos.

I started filming from the camera that my family uses when we travel.

I took it and used it for my channel.

So it’s not complicated, just use any camera you already have.

Regarding the channel’s name.

This might be the hardest thing for you because it was the hardest thing for me also.

Let me give you an advice

Come up with a short and easy name so people can remember it, and also make sure the spelling is easy and not long.

And to make it even simpler, make all your accounts the same name, so people don’t get confused with the different names.

Regarding the filming equipment, depend on natural sunshine because it’s the best.

Take the camera and film outside or beside the window.

There’s no need to complicate it at the beginning and buy everything.

Last and most important thing.

You must be patient

It won’t work out within a day and it might take a while till people know about your channel.

And until you get used to managing your channel.

But don’t give up!

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