Zakat al-Fitr, You Must Do This on Eid

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EId al-Fitr

Before we go on to do Salatul Eid, we are obliged to give charity, we are obliged to give charity, that charity was the implementation of the charitable nature which the fast was supposed to create in us.

Because as we are fasting hungry, thinking about those who are not fasting in the cause thy chose to fast, but because thy had no food, those who are starving around the world, that was supposed to motivate us, to want to help them, to empathize, to sympathize with them.

That principle of sympathy and empathy was then translated into action by Zakat al-Fitr, Sadaqatul Fitr which had to be giving before the Eid prayer.

If it was given after the Eid prayer it’s just general Sadaqat, better you do it you lost the reward, the great reward of Sadaqatul Fitr. So that was the second principle, charity feeding the needy.

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