48yo with Health Science BS seeks career change: MBA vs. MHA vs. MPH?

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      Looking for career advice.

      I’m looking for collective wisdom from the group about grad school. Thank you in advance to all of you generous folks in this group. I’m 48, married with a 5 year old son. My 1099 job will end in about 4 years.

      My question isn’t about the investments, but about graduate school. I’m currently working in the nonprofit world, my bachelors degree is in health science and I’ve worked as a dental hygienist in the past. That job is too physically demanding to return to, so I’m looking for graduate programs.

      I am very organized, love helping people, am good at managing budgets, thinking strategically. Math, beyond basic, isn’t a strong suit of mine. I do manage a significant budget now, but it only requires basic math, which I’m great with.

      I’d like to do something with a pay scale in California that starts around $80K+. Based on our finances, I’d like to work about 10 more years, to live well in retirement.

      ChatGPT has recommended an MBA or Master’s in Healthcare Administration or Public Health. I’d love to do something that feels purposeful, while getting paid well, so I’m not considering the nonprofit world. I’m not married to the idea of grad school.

      Do you have experience with those degrees or do you have a good idea you could share? Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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        Calculate out the cost of grad school v. the pay recovery having the grad degree. I thought about going back for another degree, but with 8 years left before I can early retire, with a shorter career span left it didn’t make financial sense as the recovery over 6 years after getting the degree wasn’t there.

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          How about something like HR generalist or a recruiter position. Both have more remote work opportunities and neither requires a grad degree. I agree that, if you’re set on a grad degree, you’d be better off working somewhere and letting company pay for it.

          I’d add that MHA and MPH aren’t hugely in demand and, if you find a position requiring those degrees, they’ll want significant experience in healthcare.

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            With your experience you would not likely need grad school in these fields. Some companies will pay for grad school while working.

            Likely, you are able to apply to those same positions now with the amount of exeoerience you have and if you wish to continue your education find a company that will pay for an MBA, MPH, MPA etc.

            I have been a university advisor for 20+ years.

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