After 6 years of being a stay at home mom, I’m returning to work in August – So..

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      Things have just gotten really expensive, and we need more affordable health insurance (our premium will go from $1400/mo to $600/mo once I start at my new job, so a huge savings there). There will be some new expenses for sure, but overall having another paycheck will help us out tremendously.

      I wonder often how people are making it, because my husband’s salary alone is 2x our counties avg for household income, and we still need another income source if we want to have anything leftover to save for the future…

      I’m going back to teaching, and I’ve already spent $500 on supplies for my classroom (just the bare minimum really, nothing fancy, but the district doesn’t supply us with much so a lot is left for teachers to purchase themselves). I’m working at a title one school where kids already don’t have a lot, so I want to make my classroom a comfortable and safe space for them.

      Anyway, I’m going to try and meal plan to save on the eating out temptation which I know gets stronger when there are two working parents/kids to haul around. I’m hoping to put some $$ away from my paychecks right off the bat too so I don’t even get used to seeing it and we can cushion our savings some more.

      I’m thankful for the time I had at home with my boys, but I’m going to do the best I can with the new path I’m on! And hopefully learn new frugal tips along the way.

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        Ask parents for items – never spend your own money on your job, your employer wouldn’t want you to.

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          I wouldn’t even want to try and survive on 1 income. Thankfully I’m a nurse so my job options are very flexible if I need to change schedules. But I like to have fun and go on vacation so living on one income is a no for me, I’d rather work so I can have disposable income.

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            The good thing about teaching, you will still get plenty of time with your children! I am an assistant teacher and I don’t think I could go back to a regular 9-5 after having the summers and holidays off to enjoy with my son! 500 dollars seems about right as far as getting your room set up as things are expensive these days. A lot of teachers post Amazon wish list on their personal Facebooks and people sometimes contribute to them!

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              We have always been a 1 income family but we are pretty frugal and particular with our budget otherwise we couldn’t make it work. For us it was more financially beneficial for me to be be sahm/homeschooling my older kids.

              Even for us meal planning is a huge savings and hubby gets minimal spending money so he eats out 2x a month under $10 each time, we a family average every 2-3 months at most.

              Good luck and I hope your years is fantastic!!!

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                Fellow teacher here too! Meal planning will save you a ton of money! But make sure you have easy meals to pull out of the freezer for those nights when you don’t even feel like making the meal you planned. Best of luck to you as head back to the classroom.

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                  I have always brought my lunch to work throughout all my jobs. I might splurge once in a blue moon & go out. However I am single & have no clue how people can manage on 1 income & go out to eat every day for lunch.

                  I do a lot of frozen foods & shop around for sales. Good luck on your new job.

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                    My daughter hits yard sales all summer for classroom supplies. Especially books. She will plan art lessons around the stuff she picks up over the summer. She finds a lot of helpful stuff like flashcards and workbooks too.

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                      If you were making it on just your husbands income before, do you think you could try to keep everything the same and put away your whole pay check? Use it for both of your retirements and emergency fund and not use yours for “fun” or extra spending until you’re in a cushy financial place?

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                        I’m a retired teacher—garage sales are a great way to find things for your classroom! And title 1 schools where I taught got extra money to use in their classroom to buy supplies. Not as much as anyone would hope, but every little bit was that much not from your pocket/paycheck.

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                          I found what worked best for me was cook once, serve twice or more. Cook lasagna, freeze half for later. Make green salad for dinner and lunch. I make pork verde and freeze it in meal portions. Etc. and thank you for being a teacher!

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                            Idk how ppl make it. I literally work 82 hrs every week to be able to live comfortably. To be fair tho I was never taught budgeting, hence why I’m in this group to learn. It’s a blessing to have the drive it’s a curse to not know a better way.

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