Any other places for bulk spices in Michigan besides Sam’s Club and Amazon?

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      I will compare prices at Sam’s Club and Amazon for bulk spices can anyone recommend any other place specifically for spices? I’m in Michigan.

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        Have you looked at any of the international markets? Their pricing is often better in my area. NE Indiana here.

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          Costco go seems a good choice. Ethnic shops are a good option.

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            Penzeys spices has locations in WI. Fresh Thyme is also great if there is one near. Both places sell spices by weight.

            We would refill our spice jars that cost $4-6 at the grocery store for $0.50-$1.

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              If you are near the Lansing area, there is a bulk store on the south side that specializes in selling spices by the ounce.

              I love shopping there when I am trying a new recipe so I don’t have to buy a whole jar of something I’ll only use once.

              If you need large amounts, they may be able to help you.

              Proposed: Save Money on Spices: Shop Asian or Mexican Sections

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                Winco for sure. But I don’t think they have them in Michigan.

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                  Penzeys has the best spices and usually run sales. Right now they have a bunch of samples and free shipping with $4.95 spend.

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                    We have been buying Frontier Spices from Iowa for 35 years. They are sold at Meijer now, and are the freshest around. That way you don’t have to buy them as often for peak flavor.

                    They also sell all their spices by the pound at incredible prices.

                    If you can split a pound with some friends, you will save an incredible amount of money.

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                      Look up azure standard. They sell spices and other things in bulk. Ship to you (they offer options on sizes) on some products.

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                        I buy bulk spices at Winco.

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