Anyone else here ever rinse out coffee filters to reuse them?

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      .. All of you who buy the cheapest filters, do yourself a favor and try Melitta filters next time. They really make the coffee taste better.

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        I use a linen filter. It’s made to be rinsed and reused.

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          I have. I’ve also used a viva paper towel as a coffee filter. Recommend giving it a shot for the life experience challenge. Expect brown sadness water but it’s still better than no coffee at all.

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            Be careful with putting all the grounds down the sink; it could cause a clog.

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              Use a reusable one, less than 5$ and lasts for a year or more. Just rinse out.

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                It’s really bad for coffee grounds to get into your septic system, and I’m guessing it’s just as bad for them to get into a water treatment plant. They don’t break down. I’d caution against this.

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                  No (but I’ll try it) but I live alone so I’ll make a small pot of coffee, the next day I’ll add new grounds and stir in with used grounds in same filter, and the coffee is as good or better, then I throw used coffee grounds in old coffee containers and in the spring mix with aged manure, peat moss, soil from my field, and crushed eggshells. Makes great soil.

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                    No. 700 paper ones for $4.95 at Sam’s club or 150 for $1.50. I’m not paying water and sewage washing out reuseable ones, it’s wasting money to save money.

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                      I may try a reusable filter for my Bunn! At least it would be handy if I ran out of paper filters. I like anything I can reuse and save from having to buy buy.

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                        No but I fold and use paper towels instead when I run out or when travelling.

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                          I use a mesh filter. No waste, thousands of uses. Have had the same one for decades.

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                            I’m smiling because my mother used to do that. She grew up during the depression and never really accepted that she was financially secure in her later years. She finally allowed herself treats, but the old habits died hard.

                            I went to visit one time and she made me coffee. $25/lb gourmet coffee and she was re-using a paper coffee filter.

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