Does anyone have recommendations on something to put in a toilet tank to help keep toilet clean?

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      Even if I didn’t live 6 states away! Not cleaning this! He is capable. Does anyone have recommendations on something to put in a toilet tank to help keep toilet clean? Trying to help my college son’s apartment bathroom stay cleaner!

      He and his roommates don’t clean daily for sure! I’ve heard many items can cause issues?

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        Not that my opinion is worth anything but tips are great for ALL of us.

        Also, I’ve told my kids six ways to Sunday on how to do every household task possible and they STILL forget and need it repeated.

        Every so often they remember, do it, clouds part and angels sing a heavenly cantata.

        Take a deep breath and show some kindness.

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          OH! she asked a question for help. Whether or not it was taught before.

          As a parent….we have many roles and some things may drop off over other things. Please be mindful and respectful.

          Happy Saturday.

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            I LOVE the 5000 flushes tableta.

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              Too much judgment on this thread. No evidence that Mom (or Dad) is cleaning.

              She/He just wants to know what product might be good because college kids might not clean as much as they did at home. Gee!

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                Some of you were really harsh. Or maybe you haven’t had college aged children yet. Knowing how to do something and having the skills to do it are different than thinking it’s important and actually getting around to doing it when it comes to young adults.

                There are a lot of other important things vying for their time and cleaning your bathroom doesn’t fall very high on the list. my daughter was in a dorm last year, but this year will be in a almost apartment style.

                She will be taking those gel clings that clean the bowl, but will still be cleaning it once a week. She did a great job last year on Sundays taking time to do some laundry and sweeping her room and cleaning things that needed to be cleaned.

                She intends to add cleaning the bathroom to that list. The great thing is that hopefully he understands that if he takes care of it on a regular basis, it’s really not that bad.

                What makes it seem like a horrible task is when the boys don’t clean it until one of their moms is coming to visit or until the end of the term.

                That is when the bathroom is absolutely disgusting and nobody wants to touch it with a 10 foot pole.

                Good luck to your student.

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                  I use dishwasher tabs/pods in the tank once a week. cleans and makes it sparkle.

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                    Get a bottle of Fabulosio poke a hole in the bottom and put it in the toilet tank, with every flush a little comes out into the tank water.

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                      The main thing to keep a toilet clean is to flush it every time you use it. Nothing has time to stick to it if you flush immediately.

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                        Holy moly she wants to help her SON out, the child she carried for 9 months. Who cares if she wants to find something to keep his toilet clean!!

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                          I keep a spray bottle (the good ones that you can set on spray/stream) in every bathroom filled with cleaner that kills germs like the lemon Lysol. (There are only a few household cleaners that actually say on the labels they kill germs-Lemon scented Lysol/maybe one scent of the Mr. Clean-the Febreeze one’s etc do not).

                          If you’ll get in the habit of doing a couple squirts of it in the toilet after flushing, it will almost never have to be scrubbed. Life changing.

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                            I was told by the plumber who came to change parts on our tanks to never put anything in the tank!

                            He said only put stuff inside the bowl itself like the things that hang over the bowl or stick gels.

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                              Cleaners you put in the bowl are safe, it’s the ones for the tank that eat at the rubber parts.

                              There are multiple options for the bowl. The cheapest is probably the ones that have a plastic bracket that fits over the bowl edge.

                              The gel things that stick in the bowl might work better.

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