I was wondering what survey sites pay the most?

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      Without posting links because I don’t think that’s allowed.

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        I’ve tried a few (Inbox Dollars, Survey Junkie, Zap Survey) but Swagbucks seems to be my favorite. They have good payouts and low payouts so I check periodically throughout the day for good surveys and only use my time on the ones worth it.

        I also find the website easier to navigate than most survey sites. I use Swagbucks for the many other things they offer so I am probably a bit biased.

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          Maybe you’re the person on the last post about app surveys but my top 3 is User Testing, Prolific, and Mturk.

          I also use fetch rewards and Cashwalk and got $75 worth of Amazon gift cards so far (span of 1 and a half years?) I don’t like swagbucks or clicker worker I’ve tried those.

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            Shopkicks, fetch rewards , upside, receipt hog, cashwalk app, mode app.

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              Thanks for asking the Q and the posters!!

              Was looking for the same answers!

              Any dealing with hotels or airlines?

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                I’m up to $1700 on Amazon gift cards since January!

                Surveys and receipts scanning apps:

                • Fetch
                • Shopkick
                • Inbox dollars
                • Survey spin
                • Survey Monkey
                • Survey Junkie
                • Receipt Jar
                • Receipt Hog
                • Receipt pal
                • Zap survey
                • Check points
                • Crowdtap
                • Merryfield
                • Coinout
                • Cashwalk
                • Amazon shopper
                • Google rewards

                I’m newly retired so I got some time to spend on this.

                Saving for Christmas..

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