Ideally I’d like to invest in a place in Europe.. But I live in the US

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      I’ve had one investment rental in the past which I found to be not worth the time & aggravation but it was just a regular house in the suburbs. 

      Now, I’m really interested in finding a good location to open a kick -ss Airbnb (utilizing a management company) to create a stream of income and perhaps something I can turn over to my adult child in a few years. 

      I’ve done some research on my own but I’m really struggling with location. I’m all over the place! 

      Of course I know there’s no guarantee of profitability but some markets are certainly better than others and I honestly find it hard to discern what information I read is accurate.

      Ideally I’d like to invest in a place in Europe, maybe Rome or Sorrento Italy, or the Algarve in Portugal or a million other places. But I live in the US so I’m not sure how realistic that is and I’ve thought about maybe Sedona AZ or Ft Myers FL. But keep going back to Europe in my mind as I imagine I would also visit sometimes. 

      So I’m throwing this out to the forum for personal insight… Have any of you done this & if so, I’m curious to hear your thoughts, challenges etc! 


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        Many countries in Europe are cracking down on AirBNB type of properties and require residency for the majority of the year and cap the number of nights properties can be rented out. Check the legislation and legislative proposals in the places you’re interested in.

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        St Patrick

          Another Europe option is investing in a hotel/resort property. Works like an AirBnB but they have the property management built-in.

          If you do it right, and in the right places, you can even qualify for a renewable investor visa for the country where you invest, which gets you around the 90/180 rule when visiting.

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            Don’t do Fort Myers. I bought over the bridge in Cape Coral last year thinking I would airbnb it when we moved out of it. The airbnb market is over saturated there, especially after the hurricane last September. Not as many people vacationing or snow birding there anymore.

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              This breaks my heart but I have to tell you. I’d think twice about investing in Fort Myers. 8 months after hurricane Ian, there’s still a lot of damage, destruction and debris everywhere. This picture was taken last week.


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