Is it worth the money to have both a Costco membership and a Sam’s Club membership?

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      My husband and I have been chatting about getting a Sam’s membership. We have Costco and love Costco. I have been inside sales with family members. But never shopped there. And he gets a discount on a Sam’s membership through his work. Please let me know.

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        I personally use my Sam’s membership more. We are a family of 5 about to be 6 so that also is a factor.

        We get the plus membership with Sam so we can get the free pick up service along with free shipping online on certain items.

        I haven’t been to my Costco in a long time, as Pricing at Sam’s is a little better. And have more things I like. If you’re wanting organic tho Costco has more options.

        I also have used more of sams clubs tickets at work program for trips and what not.

        And use their pharmacy for my pets prescriptions.

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          I’d ditch the Sam card. Walmart owns them One of the suckiest companies to work for!!!! Cosco ,on the other hand, is extremely employee friendly! I’ll spend my money there!

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            If you get an executive Costco membership and use a Costco credit card it pays for itself by the end of the year (and I’m only one person with occasional purchases for my Mom).

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              We have both & feel like it’s worth it. We buy different items at each place.

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                I got my Sam’s club membership on Groupon for very little. I like each for different reasons. IMO, Costco has better options, especially for a home. Sam’s has less crowds and better sales.

                My kids like the options in the food court at Sam’s better too.

                Don’t miss: Does anyone know of any specials like for a year membership for Costco or Sam’s again?

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                  We love Costco. We now do the majority of our shopping there, and supplement with the grocery store. Our membership cost is covered with the cash back program, so the net cost for us is $0.

                  I have been in Sam’s a few times and always swear I will never go back…

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                    Wait until April where you can get the Sam’s membership for $10. I mostly use Sam’s for gas and the rotisserie chicken.

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                      We love Costco! We have both memberships for Costco and Sam’s but we tend to favor Costco so much more- we buy more at Costco, and the checkout and workers are so much nicer, and it’s not as chaotic or stressful shopping there, and lastly they always have registers opened and plenty of people to help at Costco too.

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                        I love my Sam’s Club. I shop every week. My husband and I bought our 1st 3 Christmas gifts for the grand kids this past week, lol. I signed up for our AT&T phones there ($46.52 total each).

                        I am a florist and they have flowers available if I have to get them & my supplier is unavailable.

                        My husband is a great home chef & loves the meat & produce & cookware. Oh…$11.88 for a 90oz Dawn 4x…mic drop!

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                          I have both and have found that Costcos prices are higher and really doesn’t help us so we are only keeping Sams.

                          Sams gas prices here are some of the best for us (diesel) and the sales actually seem to be sales.

                          We live about 30 minutes away from either so we plan our trips and as a bonus the app that lets you skip the check out line is awesome!

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                            Once a year Sam’s does membership for 10 dollars. We have both because Costco is 1 hour away and Sam’s for gas. I personally like Costco and Costco branded items better.

                            It’s just too far for a gas station.

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                              Look into all Costco services offered in your area. I have my car insurance linked to my costco membership and the money I save every year more than pays for the top tier membership.

                              I think I had to sign up on costcos website and I had to switch to the company they use but service has been great and the coverage was cheaper than I could find anywhere— obviously, there are a lot of factors for car insurance so I’m not sure if everyone will have my experience but it’s certainly worth looking into.

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