Its not always a debt issue – Could be a income issue!

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      What is your opinion?

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        Definitely an income issue on our end. I was laid off in December 2021. Started applying for jobs a week later. I’ve had 3 interviews. Total and 0 offers. It’s scary.

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          It’s both. Income and outgo. A good income can’t fix a bad spending habit.

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            And debt never fixes an income issue, it just makes it worse.

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              But its also VERY VERY DIFFICULT to make 30k a year and be able to afford $1500 rent… which is the average rent and income in my area…

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                Definitely an income issue here. We have everything down to bare minimum and making a few hundred more than bills. Doesn’t cover a new tire or emergency. I’m searching for a part time job so I don’t have to pay childcare and work around husbands schedule. So stressful in a small town.

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                  I have been watching My Rich Life on Netflix. I had to turn it off. I was getting aggravated with people. Are some people just born with simple money management? The money psychology is crazy.

                  Absolutely no paying a percentage to a financial advisor even at 1%. Also never have 9 checking and savings accounts open at one time. Unbelievable. I sure don’t know everything but WOW just WOW. I’m always open to learn. You need to respect money.

                  I always pay my one CC balance every month. Yesterday the age t told me I was in the very minority group that pays off every month. That’s a group I WANT to belong in.

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                    If you can’t afford the things you bought, it’s a debt issue. If you don’t make enough to cover the bare necessities, then you need a different job or another sorce of income. Either way, you’re living above your income and you need to rethink what’s really going on.

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