Large storage totes/buckets are so expensive!! What does everyone else use to store things (Christmas decorations etc?)

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      Large storage totes and buckets are so expensive! What do you all use to store things like Christmas decorations and other seasonal items? Do you have any budget-friendly alternatives or creative storage solutions?

      I’d love to hear your suggestions and experiences!

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        Do you have a Sam’s Club? Big storage container for $9. Really big are $14. Both are stackable.

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          I stay away from cardboard. They get damp, smelly and can attrack bugs n rodents.

          I buy totes on sale, look at thrift stores and yard sales. Buy 1 here n there. They last for years and protect the things I want to save.

          I also ask myself “do I really need to save this?”. Not used in a year, it is taken out of the box, bagged and donated.

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            We do not use cardboard boxes. It attracts bugs and mice. Moisture too! Plastic boxes last for years. I buy clear ones that you can see through.

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              I buy small packing/moving boxes (2 cubic feet) and label them. I have T-rex arms – I can’t pick up/lift heavy things so there’s no point at all in my having ginormous storage totes. When everything is the same size, it makes it easy to tetris things into a supply closet in an organized fashion.

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                I only use plastic bins now after having a water leak and many things destroyed that were in cardboard boxes. I prefer clear bins because it’s easier to see what’s inside.

                I usually buy them after Christmas because they’re on major sale or buy from Costco. Costco bins are only 1 size, but work for what I need usually.

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                  Large water barrels or large trash cans… buy them used on marketplace or yard sales and clean them well, just make sure to have a lid, OR buy totes used at thrift stores yard sales or facebook marketplace.

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                    I use those big cardboard cartons that fruit and produce comes in and are free at Sam’s for loading groceries. When we got our house interior painted we also used dozens of those cartons to hold closet contents and bric a brac that had to be moved. Super convenient, free, and thrown out when no longer needed!

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                      We buy then when marked down. We get red and green ones when Christmas stuff is marked down (we use red for summer- memorial day and 4th of July type decor and green for Christmas) and we get light purple in the fall for spring stuff and orange in winter for fall decor.

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                        I use large Gift bags that are plastic and I bought ornament tote boxes years ago when they were cheaper. I also keep everything in a back room closet so it’s protected from weather changes in the garage. Also, you can buy IKEA big blue tote bags on Amazon were reasonable several years ago.

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                          For Christmas decorations, I do have large totes, with decorations grouped in shoe boxes. I wrap breakable ones in pieces of tissue paper. It works. Most of my stuff in the garage is stored in cardboard boxes, though.

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                            I hate cardboard boxes but they are free. Bed bugs love the corrugated cardboard and wooden. Plastic storage box preferred..They are so expensive now.

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