Money-Saving Tip: Stretching Milk Supply with Powdered Milk

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      Just wanna share a money saving tip. If you have powdered milk in your cupboard, mix it up and mix with the same amount of whole milk. I mixed up a half gallon of powdered milk and added a half gallon of whole milk (minus a bit my hubby took out) in a clean water jug. Now we have a gallon of milk. I’m posting this because many people are having to utilize food distributions and pantries and may need ideas of how to use it. I found this particular powdered milk on clearance at Walmart a couple of years ago. It was a little past it’s best by date but still good.



      Please no rude comments. I’m just sharing info.

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        This makes me smile. My mom used to try this when we were kids, but we always knew. And probably complained!

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          I like using powdered milk for cooking.

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            I also freeze milk when I find it on insane clearance (Meijer will sometimes do 90% off when it’s within a day or two of expiration).

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              My dad used to do this in the early 1980s. I sure hope powdered milk is better than it used to be, because it just made the whole jug taste gross no matter the ratio. He ended up saving money on cereal too because us kids would rather not eat anything than drink the weird tasting 🥛 milk.

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                Thank you for sharing this! That’s a great idea for young families.

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                  Powdered milk can be stored indefinitely according to USDA.

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                    I keep powdered milk for cooking and baking. Usually buy from Amazon; once I open a container, I transfer to a Tupperware container and store in freezer; super simple to mix amounts needed for cooking.

                    Started purchasing during pandemic as I was recovering and dealing with fatigue; I’ve continued purchasing.

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                      You can also use powdered milk for pancakes, waffles, soups, etc.

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                        Here the powdered milk is almost same price as fresh. But because I don’t use enough milk to buy it regularly I use powdered milk. And canned milk. With the powdered milk it actually is pretty good by mixing with ice cold water and adding a bit of vanilla extract., The vanilla gets rid of that powdered milk taste.

                        I’ve tried it on cereal and it’s quite good. But mostly I use the milk for making bread and to make pudding, roux, Mac n cheese, scalloped potatoes, mashed , and in any baking I do, biscuits cookies and so on.

                        But mixed with the regular would really stretch the regular if you can but it cheaper.

                        Useful: Recipe ideas for 2% milk that’s due to expire in a day or two?

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                          If you can add chocolate, it could be fully powdered milk and the kids won’t notice.

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                            I found organic whole powdered milk and make it up for cooking.

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