Tell me what you’ve been able to repair yourself and $$ saved?

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      We just saved ourselves $350 or more on a new dishwasher! Or an expensive repair bill

      Dishwasher was NOT draining. We pulled it out ourselves, cleaned the filters, unhooked the drain hose and cleaned out a whole lot of gunk. Now it’s draining like a champ!

      Tell me what you’ve been able to repair yourself and $$ saved.

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        Belt on my dryer. Cost: $24.99. Warranty would have done it for $50 and a 2 week wait.

        Shocks on my car. Just needed a screw driver, a wrench, and a car jack. Took an hour including watching the YouTube videos, cost $80 for the shocks. Mechanic quoted $425.

        Insulated the attic. Cost $1,700 including the machine rental and a week of working on it nights after work. Estimate was $7,000. Also saving about $150/month on the electric bill.

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          Just fixed fridge water dispenser thingy after many Google searches and YouTube videos. Ice maker worked but water dispenser stopped after a few seconds. Part was $48 on line and don’t know how much repair technician would have been.

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            Just fixed a sprinkler head today. A tree root had broken it off at the hose. I dug a hole. Figured out where the broken hose went. Cut the root off so I could access the hose.

            I couldn’t get tge broken piece of the sprinkler connector out so cut the hose. Put a new connector on and the sprinkler head.

            Filled the hole back up with dirt. All is good. There was definitely a time or two where I wanted to give up, but I just kept telling myself to keep trying. Glad it’s done and it only cost my time and a $1.25 part.

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              My washer would not drain and spin. Used Google and fixed the switch that had came loose. 30 minutes and she’s still going like a champ at 15+.

              Guy that checked it told me to just get a new one. Nope.

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                Dryer. Completely took it apart and cleaned and vacuumed the nooks and crannies of lint build up.

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                  I commend you all. I am not that ambitious, but I am beyond thankful that my husband is!!

                  He LOVES YouTube videos to fix things. Saved us a bunch of money over the years.

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                    I’ve replaced our garbage disposal ($350 estimate from a plumber), multiple shower heads, installed my own light fixtures, and replaced the toilet tank system twice (different houses). I’ve also upgraded my own outlets and light switches.

                    A lot of the stuff is way easier to do than people expect and is a fraction of the cost.

                    You do have to make sure to fully understand the directions though before starting, especially with electrical. And know when you’re in over your head to keep everyone in your home safe.

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                      I repaired my 2014 Samsung dishwasher. I had to unscrew 14 screws to get to the innards. I started to clean it out only to find a very rusted old loose screw inside. I removed that and replaced the rubber drain valve which was all distorted and the reason it wouldn’t drain. That was over a year ago. It’s working like a champ and quieter than it ever was before.

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                        So last week my refrigerator stopped refrigerating. And between the Neighbors and I had three coolers worth of food, and had thrown out a bunch of stuff.

                        At 6 AM the next morning I started researching what could possibly be wrong before I either called the local used refrigerator repair man or bought a used refrigerator from the local used refrigerator, repairman and lo and behold. I stumbled upon a video that talked about how refrigerators nowadays are just computers that refrigerate. I unplugged the refrigerator for 45 minutes and plugged it back in and voila it worked.

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