What are people’s experience with donating plasma?

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      Pay well? Painful? How long it takes? Is it worth it? It’s new to me.

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        I don’t recommend for lighter framed bodies. 150lbs plus and you should be in the clear, but I had horrible reactions almost. every. time.

        No matter if I had a full meal, well rested and hydrated. I had about 15+ donations and I would not do it again unless I needed to.

        Plus, side? For a few hours a week you can make 26/hr just sitting around. If your body can handle it, it’s worth a shot.

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          I’ve tried it but fainted, and they didn’t even obtain enough to donate (threw away my homemade plasma).

          Make sure you hydrate, have good vitamin/mineral levels, and find a well-reputable facility.

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            It can be worth it but be careful about donating too frequently. Dips in plasma can mess with hormone circulation in your body and hormones are connected to pretty much every body function, including stress management and sleep.

            Take an iron supplement and folate a few days before and after donation days.

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              My kids receive plasma infusions monthly because they have a primary immune deficiency. This gives them a chance a normal life.

              Thanks for donating!

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                I used to work for a plasma donation center. You must be healthy, not travel to certain countries (cannot remember which ones), not have multiple sexual partners (some places won’t let you donate if you are homosexual unfortunately), must have good blood pressure/ blood sugar/iron levels day of donation.

                After multiple donations it is possible to get a “knot” where you donate on your arm depending on how you fair with the large sticks over and over but not everyone gets them. It also depends on how frequently you go. Be prepared to wait also.

                This is a pretty extensive process and many places take walk ins. You may find that there are better days (faster) to go and better times also. With the one I worked for- the earlier the better (get there when they open).

                It is a wonderful thing though!

                Helps millions!

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                  After my signup promotion, I make $110/week and donate twice weekly. It’s not painful – there is some pain with the needle poke, but it’s not bad, and collection isn’t painful at all.

                  For me the whole process, from arrival at the center to leaving, takes 45-90 minutes depending on how busy they are and how well hydrated I am.

                  It’s not a ton of extra money but it’s enough to fill the gas tank and get some takeout.

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                    It’s not painful at all and a quick process if your hydrated. Different companies offer different incentives. Personally I like csl and if you have a referral they give you $10 more for it was $100 for the first 10 donations and then with the referral is was $110 for the first 10.

                    You can go twice a week so that’s an extra $200 a week just for giving about an hour maybe hour and half if your time.

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                      I have not. But I do tell you it saves lives. Saved my husband when he got Gullian Bare syndrome.

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                        Read “Blood Money” by Kathleen McLaughlin before you do.

                        It’s not as harmless as they say. Also, paid clinics don’t donate to hospitals (only the Red Cross does).

                        It’s all going to pharmaceutical companies to make big bucks.

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                          I’m in remission from Leukemia and I don’t even know how much plasma I have received the last 19 months but I had to take a minute to say THANK YOU to everyone that has donated Plasma and blood!

                          You guys are the best!

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                            I’ve been doing it since Dec. It’s a blessing and a curse. Good money the first month-800. Then – 130 a week donating twice a week. Takes an hour after the first time. Takes a toll on my body but I could be different. My body takes awhile to replenish protein after donating so I get turned away every couple of weeks after initial testing.

                            So, drink lots of water before and after. I live on protein shakes. 2 to 3 a day. I make sure I eat high protein the night before and day of. After donating I drink a shake immediately followed by water.

                            Again. A blessing and a curse. Good luck!

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