What is the best investment for your child’s future: private school, college, or a starter home?

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      What is the best investment in your child’s future? Paying for a K-12 private school education, a college degree, or a starter home?

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        Teaching them about money. Not just give it to them.

        Make them put equity into learning and skin in the game toward college.

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          5000 at birth in a low cost index fund that they are only allowed to access when they turn 65, with a 8.5% growth rate, that gives them 1m in real terms.

          Potentially saving them +20% of their paychecks for their entire lives.

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            We homeschooled-so many opportunities! We also pd for a Bachelor’s degree while they were in high school. (8000.00 each).

            We have 20 acres that we will give each kiddo. (They will build their own home as my hubby has taught them those skills & will help them).

            Along the way our kiddos/teens expressed what they wanted & we’ve supported to our best abilities.

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              If you are in the US I recommend reading ‘The millionaire next door’. I base the direction of my financial parenting decisions off that book. It was written by Thomas Stanley after spending years studying high net worth individuals. He concluded that parents can pay for schooling without harming a child’s financial independence but not much else.

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                Paying for college and a starter home. Private school if there are no good public schools in your area.

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                  Raised two sons but this question is too complicated. How are the public schools where you live? Is your child desiring college or will they go into the military or trades? Will they be high income enough to buy a home themselves?

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                    Teaching them young how to make money and how to spend and save it. Do that and they will be just fine.

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                      A starter home in a good school district, that way you can save the cost of private school, and you will get a good return when you sell the house, which can be use for the college cost.

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                        It all depends. A private 1-12 where I live is not needed except for truly exceptional situations or for religious reasons, given the excellent public schools. A college degree depends on what degree they are getting.

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                          Buy a house and be stable by the time you’re elderly so they don’t have to financially support you.

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                            I sent my son to public school because only public school provided biliteracy K-12 program in Spanish, Two Way Bilingual Immersion. I don’t want my son got only literacy. One is basic, two are double.

                            In biliteracy school, my son got to learn about art, diversity, many races, brotherhood, etc. At home, I taught him math and he listened to audiobooks from Libby. Since the elementary charter school was next to the courthouse, my son got to learn law & regulations from judges, police, volunteers, etc as the local resources. It was in downtown too, the local businesses taught kids about trade, money, business.

                            You should see what your kids are good at. If they are good at music, find a house close to a theatre.

                            Location, location, location are important. It impacts your kids a lot.

                            If they are good at technology, welcome to Silicon Valley or University. Look around and decide.

                            By the time my son turns 18, I hope he will take State court interpreter certified and work for courthouse to earn money & medical for college. Two years later, I hope he could get Federal court interpreter certified to get to know more about judges and law system. Hope he can build a good relationship with people before launching his own career.

                            I have a lot of law books, LSAT, pencils, colors, instruments around the house for him to explore.

                            Everything likes dominoes.

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                              The best way to secure a good future for your child is to teach them good work ethic and let them save and invest as much as they can as long as they can. If you give them money they will not learn the value of money and it will be spent.

                              If you let them earn and grow their own money then they will value it and save/invest even more.

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