What was the ONE THING you did this week to make your life easier, happier, wealthier, more efficient, etc.?

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      What single action did you take this week to enhance your life, whether by making it easier, happier, more prosperous, or more efficient? Share your weekly achievements and inspire others to take positive steps toward their goals.

      Your insights could spark new ideas and motivate others to pursue meaningful changes in their lives.

      Let us know what you accomplished this week!

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        Calculated our savings rate for the year so found and found out we’ve saved 57% of our income! Our goal was 37%.

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          Did something spontaneous for my freelance business and got conference tickets to a 2025 conference in Las Vegas. I freelance specifically in the food blogging space, so this conference is the biggest one for food brands and bloggers in the US, I can’t wait to attend to network, meet clients in person, and also hopefully be a speaker at the event!

          I work Fulltime, but my lifelong dream is to take my freelancing Fulltime instead!

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            Attending my 1st FI conference (Econome). Even as an introvert, it was great having conversations and meeting wonderful people at different stages of their FI path and breaking out of my comfort zone. I picked up tips and ideas from others and a few times was able to share a few tips of my own that they were not aware!

            Also, I saved by signing up early for the next event and looking at Camp.

            FI opportunities now.

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              Picking up a new dog today! We are all so excited! 5-month-old Lab pup.

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                One whole day every two weeks is a “me” day! Yesterday was intentionally free of meetings, commitments, email and social media. I used some of the day to dive into my “ideas” list. When you explore and create without the stress of productivity, your feel energized vs one more thing to do/read/learn. Try it!

                You will never go back.

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                  I got accepted into the electrician apprenticeship, it’s kind of a the perfect FI job for me because I can work a few months & take a few off while still living comfortably.

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                    I added my husband as a beneficiary to all of our HYSA. When I opened them, joint accounts were a hassle so I didn’t worry about it until listening to the recent episode on loss…

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                      I did less at work! I’ve been in a habit of overworking from a place of anxiety, and all it does is add to my stress. I’ve been much calmer this week just focusing on what is in front of me and not volunteering for everything under the sun.

                      I also took my beloved pet to the vet without thinking about money because I have a solid emergency fund (and insurance).

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                        Mailed in my 2023 taxes with payment in full!

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                          I about to start selling our extra stuff today and aim to do it at least 1-2 Fridays a month.

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                            We have 3 days of traveling for the middle school state basketball championships, followed by one week in New Orleans (travel hacking).

                            So, I took my teenager to the store and bought all the snacks he desired to make life easier and happier for the travels.

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                              Amended someone’s 2022 tax return because I noticed an error when preparing his 2023 tax return – he gets back $4,000 in a refund – he’s a happy client; therefore, I am happy.

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                                Finally sold my spouse’s I bonds.

                                Ok, here’s the deal. We were locked out of my spouse’s treasury direct account. Sent in the notarized paperwork in November to cash it out, no response. My husband works construction, so he can’t sit on hold like I can. I called in for him and got his account reset. Ibond money hit our checking account 2 days later.

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                                  So happy that my sister moved back from Texas yesterday. Unloaded the UHaul and feeling it in all my muscles today.

                                  We both met Minimum Spend on new cards this week. She got the SW Companion pass and I got 100k Chase Ink bonus. Travel is in our immediate future.

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                                    Signed contract to sell last asset of estate of late SIL. When I see the cash, I will close the probate, and end this one year time eating pain.

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                                      I sadly needed some new pants because I “out grew” my others so I went shopping today. I planned on paying with my debit card which was awesome because in the past I would have charged it. Anyway, by opening the store card I got a discount of $55 and once the sale was done I paid that off before I left the store.

                                      I couldn’t believe the rate of the store card is 35%!

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