Anyone have ideas for outdoor water toys for cheap/homemade?

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      We don’t have a hose or spout so I can’t do sprinklers, not allowed pools or anything on the grass. Our kids are so overheated without ac inside I want to find them some way to cool off.

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        Cleaning Sponges & buckets of water.
        *The is a hack to cut the sponges a certain way and then rubber band two together. Sorry, I cant explain it further.

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          My son bought a gal bug sprayer from home depot for each of the 3 grands. Put water in and mark them water only. They pump it up and have a blast.

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            Soak cheap sponges In buckets of water and let kids throw them at each other.

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              Ice cube painting! Add a drop of food coloring to each cube b4 freezing. Lay out a bunch of coffee filters or any kind of paper and let the kids have fun!

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                Paint the house, fence or driveway with a bucket of water and paint brushes.

                Look for splash pads, creeks and streams.

                We used to float a nearby creek in inner tubes.

                Put a plastic pool on the driveway.

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                  Are there any splash pads near you?

                  They are free where I live.

                  Lots of kids having fun and cooling off.

                  When I was a kid we would put our pjs in the freezer and sleep with cold washcloth on our heads.

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                    Sponges in a bucket of water & throw the sponges at each other.

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                      At preschool, we made a water table frame using PVC piping and set a under bed storage container in it so it was long and shallow. The kids used this every single day when it was warm enough. We’d change up what went in but everyone from 2-5 loved it. Fill-up spray bottles and let them spray each other with them. Give them a container of water and a paint brush and have them paint the sidewalk or driveway.

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                        If you buy gallon milk jugs, u can fill with water, freeze and then while frozen, poke holes all around them, and hang in a tree. They will drip and shower down as they melt. Just make sure u place them in a spot it won’t get real muddy under their feet.

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