Beware of Credit Card Scams: What to Watch Out For

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      Scam alert: I got a call from “one of my credit card companies” The name and number came up on my caller ID. They were asking if I had authorized a charge for $600 in Nigeria, or if I authorized anyone else to make a charge. I said no. They asked me if I had my card in my possession. I said yes I do. They asked me to verify my the expiration date on my card beginning with XXXX. I did. Then they asked me to verify the rest of the numbers after OO. I gave them the next two numbers and asked the entire number? At that moment my work phone rang. I said I’m at work, I need to answer that. I will need to call you back. They quickly said just verify the rest of your card number and we will be done. I said I don’t have time for that, I have to take this call and hung up. When I called the number on the back of my card, I didn’t have a fraud claim started. The rep I talked to said they will never call and ask all of that. The name and number was the same as on my card. So please be cautious if you get a call from your “credit card company “. It’s probably a scam.

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        Nigeria would have been the first clue.

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          Hope you ordered a new card since you gave them almost all of your info.

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            They are getting so sophisticated it is terrifying! I am glad you hung up. We should never assume calls or emails to us are legit. We should always call the number on the back of the card to be safe!

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              Also another scam is getting an email saying a courier company couldn’t deliver a pkg they need more information. That’s a scam as well.

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                Same thing happened to my twin sister last year. She fell for it.

                We told her it was a scam. She called the credit card company and they said they didn’t call her. Only it wasn’t for Nigeria. It was for New Jersey.

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                  Credit Card companies will never ask you for card info, they already have it.

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                    Scammers are getting crazy creative and tech savvy. Even when I called the bank myself-I feel weird giving all that info.

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                      I don’t care who calls me; if it’s not family or friends or a saved contact, I. DO NOT. PICK UP! If it’s important, they’ll leave a voicemail. If not, no harm, no foul!

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                        You should never ever give the numbers on your card over the phone. Everyone should know this!

                        You should research phone scams and understand what to do and not to do as this is basic info and I’m concerned you didn’t know that.

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                          I work for a bank. If we call we will say the bank name, the name of your card, and advise that you are on a recorded line. I always tell people if they are unsure, call the number on the back of their card.

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                            I had a very similar experience only my was someone in Russia trying to buy $800 worth of batteries. When I told them I was hanging up and calling the credit card company and the police they threatened me and said we have your address lady read those numbers to me. Scary. According to my credit card company, this is the most recent scam.

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                              Yes. Your credit card company will shut off the use of the card. If they suspect fraud. I had to get my card replaced twice last year because my CC company tagged fraud.

                              Also use a credit card and not debit card. If it is a debit card you don’t have the same protection. Learned that the hard way.

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                                I got a similar call and it showed my banks number on my caller ID. They said there was fraudulent activities on my account and they wanted to verify. They told me they would send me a code in my phone. Luckily I told them I can’t proof them either and would have to call them to confirm they are my bank. And guess what, my bank said they did not call me. Let’s stay woke people.

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