BS2 Lost my car keys for a 2007 4Runner

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      Apparently replacement keys with chips cost $ to reprogram. I was shocked that a dealer wants $220 just for key, plus additional for a new fob. Ideas for how to get a replacement key for less?

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        I got mine at my local ace hardware and they programmed them all. For the key fob and physical key it was $160.

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          See if there is a local locksmith that can get a replacement key for you. It will likely be a lot less than the dealer.

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            Find a local locksmith who does keys. My friend lost his keys to Subaru and dealership wanted $450. His friend gave him a discount and did it for $230.

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              Being a locksmith I can see all these ideas which are great a inexpensive, keep in mind because I do see this on a daily, if ordered on line or Amazon it’s 50/50 if a key, remote or fob with work. Not downing the idea but be cautious, sometimes it’s best in any situation get a few quotes, like 3 local guys, don’t get yourself mixed up with a third party cause they will want to charge more. For this vehicle it’s pretty simple usually a 20-30 minute job for someone with experience.

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                I went to an ace hardware for $78 a couple of years ago for just a chip key. Some smaller auto shops can do it too. We bought a key fob and got it done at a locksmith.

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                  Check your car ins. I work for a large company if you have full coverage it’ll cover it. Not with all insurance though.

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                    I bought new fobs from Amazon for my car make/model. The nearby dealership cut the 2 keys for $10.

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