Car maintenance and research win!

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      My 2017 Toyota Sienna was due for an oil change and tire rotation, and after doing my research for the first time in my life, the Toyota dealership in my area was the cheapest! This same dealership saved my van when the trusted mechanic we had been going to for years hadn’t caught our water pump being defective and when going to Toyota they fixed it an honored their warranty.

      Moral of the story: just because most dealerships are deemed “stealerships” it doesn’t mean all of them are, do your research and – as Dave says – “make your money work for you!” even if it means changing up the place where your car goes to for a little self care.

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        I own a new car store. It’s absolutely in our interests to keep our service customers happy for a number of reasons.

        Look, there’s a ton of stores out there that (assuming I was King of America) would have their franchises shredded but by and large most of us want satisfied and loyal customers.

        Oh one more thing, if they ask you about the survey they’re not kidding. You have no idea how important those dumb things are.

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          Alot of the dealerships around my area are cheap for oil changes and have found them to be cheaper for tires also. They seem to run specials on tires.

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            That’s similar to my experience with my local Acura dealership service department when I had an Acura. The prices were very reasonable and the environment was amazing.

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              The Honda dealership we’ve dealt with for many years is no more expensive than the highly regarded “mom and pop” local repair shops plus they can usually get Honda parts quicker. I’ve had a couple basic oil changes by a well regarded mobile mechanic, but otherwise, I stick with the dealership that’s been good to us so far.

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                Oil changes are usually cheaper at dealerships. It serves two purposes: it keeps newer mechanics busy between jobs, and it gets them under your car so they can recommend additional work. Even though your water pump was covered by warranty, the dealership still gets paid for that work (albeit at a lower rate).

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                  The Honda dealership has been really good to my mom with her Honda Odysseys thus far. No complaints and actually fairly reasonable pricing considering that they charged nearly the same price for a brake job on her van as a local mechanic did for one of our ranch trucks.

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