What was/is your best family car?

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      SomeOne told me: Toyota Sienna.

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        Nothing beats the family memories that a van will create!

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          I just started a family 1 year ago so not sure I’ve only have 08 f150 and 07 Corolla.

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            Subaru Outback
            Nissan Pathfinder
            Ford Flex
            Mazda CX5
            Ford Explorer
            Toyota highlander
            Honda Pilot

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              Sienna, with 200,000 miles on it. Can’t wait to upgrade but thing just won’t die, and I love that it’s a little older so I don’t really worry about my kids being hard on it

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                We have a 2015 Honda pilot that was passed down to our son, a 2010 Ford Edge a 2105 Ford F150 and a new to us 2020 Ford Expedition. Sadly our daughter has a 2015 Subaru legacy that has turned into a money pit.

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                  Honda Pilot. Our 2003 is still going strong (194k miles).

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                    That’s easy. Our ‘03 Subaru Legacy. Lots of room. Fun to drive. Awesome in snow. Only problem is that it wasn’t very reliable and was prone to transmission problems, and it was a manual at that.

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                      They may not be the prettiest but the sliding doors and 3rd row make the minivan the best all around family car/ kid hauler. We had a town/country. Hubs even liked it because when you took the seats out, you could haul sheetrock for the DIY projects.

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                        My grandma always had a dodge grand caravan, and my family had a toyota sienna. It seemed like those vans lasted a lifetime and a half! My parents sold their minivan to another family after it reached 300k+ miles and all of us were out of the house.

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                          I like our 2014 Silverado. We have the bed for our kayaks, bikes, etc. Family of 3. 24 (me), 28 (dad), 1.5 (daughter).

                          Edit to add: We live in NW PA and do quite a bit outdoors. We hunt, fish, kayak, hike, bike, etc.

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                            Nissan versa hatchback. It’s tiny. BUT has the largest backseat of its class. I only have two kids. I LOVE having a small car because there’s not much space to lug all the clutter. Makes clearing it out every other day pretty easy. I’m the only one in my family that loves this car. Everyone else despises it 😂. It is PAID IN FULL, my favorite color.

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                              I had a Honda odyssey and it was awesome when my kids were little but we live where there’s a lot of snow and ice and it sucked for that. Now I have a ford flex and can honestly say it’s been the best vehicle for our family of 4 with a son that has a lot of hockey equipment.

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                                LOVE our Toyota Sienna handles like a dream in snow and ice decent gas millage (I’m sure a FWD would get better) and room for 7

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