I have bled money this month

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      A high school graduation, a Sweet 16 birthday, Father’s Day x2, and a funeral.

      (By the way, the funeral industry – What. A. Racket.)

      But, everybody was appropriately recognized, honored, treated well and we can now forward.

      I suppose it is OK that we can’t travel anywhere now anyway because after all this I need time to recoup.

      I forgot to include dental work! Add $2,500 to the list above.

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        I am really thrifty and spend about $2k per month in total. I had a month last fall where I spent $31,000. Major dental surgery for one of my kids, braces for the other, college tuition, IRS decided I owed an additional $3k, property taxes, emergency vet surgery.

        Mother inlaw tractor repair etc. It gave me a panic attack and I thought about going to the hospital. I had the cash but it was horrible seeing a whole year’s worth of savings disappear in a couple weeks.

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          My ex and I are having “green funerals” together – you can purchase a cardboard casket or silk shroud, I’m getting the shroud – no embalming or anything. Prepaid.

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            I want to be cremated because funerals are expensive.

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              For future reference, consider caskets from Costco.

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                I keep telling my husband we need to save up for funerals!

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